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Coral Island: How to Get Hardwood Easily

Learn how to get Hardwood in Coral Island and improve your tools.

Hardwood is a precious resource needed for important building recipes and advanced tools. That said, it’s not obvious where and how to get it. It reminds me of another farming simulator that did the same thing (looking at you, SDV). Here’s how to get Hardwood easily in Coral Island.

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How to Get Hardwood Easily in Coral Island

Let’s start with the basics. To get Hardwood, you’ll need a Silver Axe, which you get by upgrading your Bronze Axe with 5 Bronze Bars and 20 pieces of Wood. It’s worth noting that while this Axe is effective at cutting Hardwood, the Gold Axe is more effective.

To craft the Gold Axe, you’ll need 5 Hardwood, which I find to be a solid investment, especially if you already have the 3 Gold Bars needed for the upgrade.

Hardwood is unlocked at the Carpenter’s Shop when you reach Town Rank B as of the latest update, costing 150 coins per stack. You’ll need five stacks to upgrade the Gold Axe from the Silver Axe, coming in at 750 coins total, so unless you’re rolling in money, I recommend chopping the Hardwood instead of buying it.

Where to Find Hardwood in Coral Island

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Hardwood can be found in several areas of Coral Island. Predominantly, you’ll find it in the deeper forest areas, but you’ll need to make 14 offerings in the Lake Temple before that area opens up.

If you need Hardwood earlier, there’s one fallen log on the waterfall path east of the forest mine. Furthermore, if you’ve already invested six offering bundles in the Lake Temple, you can find several respawning logs in the mid-forest area.

You can also invest in the Exceptional Cutter skill in the Foraging Mastery tab, but I don’t personally rely on this much. The drop chances are so dismal and my luck has been terrible. I much prefer blowing stuff up since you can utilize Dynamite on fallen logs in your backyard to get Hardwood.

Lastly, when you’re exploring, note that you can also find Hardwood in loot boxes around the island, like in the north Caverns.

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What is Hardwood Used For in Coral Island?

As we mentioned, Hardwood is used both for blueprints and tools. While it’s not the most common resource in the game, it’s crucial for upgrading your tools. Here are some popular uses:

  • Coop: 20 Hardwood, 50 Stone, 10 Fiber, and 4,500 coins.
  • Barn: 40 Hardwood, 100 Stone, 10 Fiber, and 6,500 coins.
  • The following tools require 5 Hardwood to upgrade from the lesser Silver or Gold versions:
    • Gold Axe, Osmium Axe, Gold Hoe, Osmium Hoe, Gold Pickaxe, Osmium Pickaxe

That’s how to get Hardwood easily in Coral Island. You can find more guides on the game right here, like how to get Resin or how to complete the Mythical Dream.

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