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Dark and Darker Old Tomb Locations: Treasurer Puzzles Guide

Here are the exact locations of both Old Tombs of the Treasurer questline in Dark and Darker.

Once you complete the “Ceremonial Secret” quest for the Treasurer in Dark and Darker, he’ll ask you to locate and escape the Old Tomb during the “Forbidden Rituals” quest. In this guide, I’ll show you both Old Tomb locations in Dark and Darker to complete the Treasurer puzzles.

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Old Tomb Locations in Dark and Darker

There are two Old Tombs in Dark and Darker: one in Crypt 2 and the other one in Crypt 5. Both crypts, like all Holwing Crypt-type dungeons, are located on the second floor of the Forgotten Castle. The two bosses that you’ll meet here are Wraith and Skeleton Champion.

Crypt 2 Old Tomb Location

The first Old Tom is located in the southern central part of Crypt 2. First, solve the Maze in the center and reach either the Crypt Dungeons in the west or the Sanctum in the east. From there, move towards the area between the Barracks and the corridors. That’s where you’ll find the entrance to the first Old Tomb.

Crypt 5 Old Tomb Location

The second Old Tomb is located in the eastern part of Crypt 5, southeast of the central Wheel. Once you find your way into the Prisons B sector to the south of the Wheel, move eastward to the area between the Sewers and the Underground Altar. That’s where you’ll find the entrance to the second Old Tomb.

Treasurer’s Forbidden Rituals Quest Rewards

Once you’ve collected all the clues from both tombs, you’ll be ready to fight the main boss of the “Hidden Riches” chapter, called Wraith. As a reward for finding all the clues, the Treasurer will give you with the following items:

  • x50 Unique Gold Coins
  • x1 Uncommon Adventurer Tunic
  • x1 Uncommon Adventurer Boots
  • x25 EXP

That’s all I wanted to tell you about both Old Tomb locations in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker tips and tricks articles right here.

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