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Dark and Darker Stone Graves Locations: Surgeon Puzzles Guide

Find all the Stone Graves locations inside the Goblin Caves of Dark and Darker using our guide.

The final quest of the “Family Medicine” chapter in Dark and Darker will take you on a dangerous journey through the Goblin Caves and their Stone Graves. In this guide, I’ll show you all the Stone Graves locations in Dark and Darker, which are part of the Surgeon’s “Natural Aid” quest.

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Stone Graves Locations in Dark and Darker

To complete the Surgeon’s quest, you only need to find the first Stone Graves module A in the first and the smallest Goblin Cave. However, I’ve also added the location of another Stone Grave in case you need to collect more of the spider webs for the Surgeon’s healing bandages.

Goblin Cave 1 Stone Graves Location

You can find the Stone Graves module A inside the initial Goblin Cave in the northern central part of the map. You’ll find it right between the Cave Tunnels and Cavern Lake, or simply go in the northern direction from the central Goblin Maze.

Goblin Cave 4 Stone Graves Location

In the largest Goblin Cave 4, I also slotted another Stone Graves location, which is sitting in its central part. You can get there from the north via the Valley module B. Note that this area is infested with all sorts of monsters besides Goblins. They include Giant Centipedes, Skeleton Champions, Cave Trolls, and Cyclops.

Surgeon’s Natural Aid Quest Rewards

When you finish exploring the Goblin Caves and Stone Garves, you can finally start the next “Pending Diagnosis” chapter. But before that, bring the spider webs to the Surgeon for the following rewards:

  • 50x Unique Gold Coins
  • 3x Uncommon Explosive Bottle
  • 3x Uncommon Bandage
  • 25x EXP
  • 25x Affinity

That’s all I wanted to tell you about all Stone Graves locations in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker tips and tricks articles right here.

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