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A Guardian standing before the Relic crafting bench on Mars
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2: Best Craftable Weapons

Weapon crafting is one of the best ways to get your hands on some powerful weapons in Destiny 2. Here are the best of them.

Crafting might be one of the most controversial mechanics in Destiny 2, but the best craftable weapons crack the game open like an egg. Having a fully-leveled version of the weapons on this list gives you best-in-slot options without the grind.

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The Best Weapons to Craft in Destiny 2

There are dozens of craftable weapons in Destiny 2, but many are locked behind seasonal content. To keep this list as accessible as possible, I’ll only be considering weapons available for free or as a part of the yearly expansions.

I’ve included expansions because to truly experience everything Destiny 2 has to offer, they’re basically essential purchases. They tend to include Raids with weapons you’ll want, as well as tons of other content you’ll want to consume. However, there are a fair number of free weapons here, too, so you’ll have options even if you never spend a dime on D2.

Ammit AR2

A side view of the Ammit AR2 Auto Rife
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This monster was responsible for The Craftening impromptu community event, where a glitch made the Ammit AR2 capable of doing wild things. Even without the glitch, this Solar Auto Rifle is one of the best and easiest-to-use weapons in all of Destiny 2. It pairs well with any Solar build thanks to its solid rate of fire, damage, and controllability. Plus, it comes with some great perk selections which, when enhanced, make it an even better option. Best of all, it’s basically free as you get it from the Foundry Shaping quest, available to all players.

Apex Predator

A side view of the Apex Predator Rocket Launcher
Screenshot by GameSkinny

While it might be the absolute best DPS weapon in the game, the Apex Predator is still the much more accessible number two damage option in Destiny 2. You do need to farm the Last Wish Raid for patterns to craft it, but with Enhanced Bait and Switch and Reconstuction, the Apex Predator can almost always have two rockets ready to go at some of the highest flat damage outputs available.

BXR-55 Battler

A side view of the BXR-55 Battler Pulse Rifle
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Yes, it’s basically the Battle Rifle from Halo, capable of the same satisfying three-burst headshot kill as its older, different franchise cousin. Capable in both PvE and PvP, the BXR-55 Battler is one of the easiest weapons to get on the list. Though, unless you like grinding Dares of Eternity, I can’t say it’s the most enjoyable weapon to craft.

Dead Man’s Tale

A side view of the Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Don’t hate me for adding DMT to this list, because it is, even after all the nerfs, a fantastic weapon. The one hurdle you have to clear is completing a single run of the Presage Exotic mission (check the guide!), but once you’ve done so, you can craft DMT and bring it just that little bit closer to its former glory with enhanced perks. As a Scout Rifle, Dead Man’s Tale still hits like a truck, is fantastic in PvE and PvP, and is just fun to use overall.


A side view of the Deliverance Fusion Rifle
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The first of two Vow of the Disciple weapons on this list, the Deliverance Fusion Rifle, is only available for owners of The Witch Queen expansion. But between Vow and Witch Queen more generally, it’s worth the price of admission. For its part, Deliverance is comparable to the Riptide Crucible Fusion, but, being crafted, you can guarantee you get the perks you want. And if you want a solid Stasis Special weapon, there are few better choices.


A side view of the Forebearance Grenade Launcher
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Vow of the Disciple Raid weapon two, the Forbearance is the premiere wave-frame Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2. There are other options going around these days, but all of them chase the greatness that is the power, perk selection, and overall usability of this one. Like Deliverance, expect to do plenty of Vow Raids to get it, but like most of the weapons from the activity, it’s worth the effort.

Osteo Striga

A side view of the Osteo Striga SMG
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Another Witch Queen exclusive, the Osteo Striga is probably the best SMG in Destiny 2. Between its ability to put nearly 100 rounds in its magazine to the poison it spreads when defeating an enemy to its rounds tracking enemies, there’s no other gun like it in the game. While it may have been on the receiving end of a mild nerf at the start of Season 23, it remains an absolute monster.

The Supremacy

A side view of The Supremacy Sniper Rifle
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Last Wish Raid Sniper Rifle is a mainstay of endgame content where doing supplemental DPS with a Fusion Rifle is out of the question. And somehow, this PvE beast is also fantastic in PvP, offering the deadly combination of Snapshot and Opening Shot. There’s really not much wrong with this weapon, and having its crafted version in your collection will pay dividends.


A side view of the Sword Breaker Shotgun
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This legendary Shotgun from the Crota’s End Raid is the best weapon with the One-Two Punch perk, bar none. It has the best overall stats for a Shotgun with the perk, it looks amazing, and comes with several additional top-tier combinations as well. It’s also a Strand element, which sets it apart from most other weapons in its class, synergizing with the newest Subclass with aplomb.

The Other Half or Half Truths

A side view of the The Other Half Sword
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Other Half, or the Half Truths Swords, really only have one primary use: getting the Eager Edge perk. But what a perk it is. So long as you swing the sword in the second after drawing it, you’ll be catapulted forward at high speeds. You don’t even need to be on the ground for the perk to work, and no Destiny 2 speedrunner worth their salt lacks one of these weapons. Even if they don’t use a sword for damage, getting from place to place is just easier if you do have it handy.

Wastelander M5

A side view of the Wastelander M5 Shotgun
Screenshot by GameSkinny

For those of you who can’t Raid, or choose not to, the Wastelander M5 is a worthy replacement for the Swordbreaker if you want a solid Shotgun to activate One-Two Punch and still hold its own in PvP. Indeed, while the Crota’s End weapon is better against the different enemy factions, the Wastelander is fantastic for fighting other Guardians as well. If you partake of both sides of Destiny 2‘s gameplay loop, then I can recommend the Dares of Eternity Sniper over the Raid one any day.

Those are our picks for the best craftable weapons currently available to almost all players in Destiny 2. I know that there are tons of other fantastic choices if you include Seasonal content, but because those are only available for a limited time (though a year is still a long while ).

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