Looking to unlock the Null Composure Fusion Rifle and all its cosmetics? This guide is for you.

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Earn Null Composure, Primeval Patina, and Other Wraps

Looking to unlock the Null Composure Fusion Rifle and all its cosmetics? This guide is for you.
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The Ritual Weapon for Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is Null Composure, a new Fusion Rifle. The gun rolls with Reservoir Burst, one of the best Fusion Rifle perks, and comes fully Masterworked.

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Once you’ve got the weapon, you can grind the three core playlists — Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit — for cosmetics unique to it. Called Vanguard Vestments, The Red Hat, and Primeval Patina, respectively, each outfits the Null Composure with a unique wrapping with the aesthetic of its associated activity.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about getting the new Fusion Rifle as well as all its cosmetics.

Destiny 2 Sacred Fusion Quest: How to Get the Null Composure

Earning Null Composure is a significant grind. You’ll need to defeat targets in any activity as well as fully complete activities. You’ll get a bonus for getting kills in the core playlists with Solar and Fusion Rifle weapons, and wearing a Stasis subclass grants additional bonuses.

In practice, you’ll get about 7 ~ 10% progress in the activities bar if you go into a Strike or Gambit/Crucible match using Stasis. It’s the activity defeats that will take time.

To make your grind as comfortable as possible, you’ll want to use a Solar Fusion Rifle like the Jotunn Exotic and Trinary System and focus on playing either Gambit or Crucible. Either roll with a full team or go in solo to ensure the quickest possible matches.

You’re looking for mercy games in PvP and fast Primeval melting in Gambit, whether you’re doing the stomping or being stomped. Alternatively, you want the longest games possible so you can maximize your Fusion kill rate.

With everything working in your favor, including playing a full match with a lot of Fusion kills while having Stasis equipped, you’ll net about 4 ~ 6% progress. The best players might see more, and less skilled players will have to work harder. Be aware that the quest doesn’t award progress until you leave the activity and return to orbit.

The average speed to get the Sacred Fusion quest done is about four hours or so. Return to Zavala once you finish, and the real fun starts.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Primeval Patina Wrap

Regardless of the playlist you’re in, you’ll be using Fusion Rifles and Solar weapons a lot. Jotunn and Trinary System will remain your friends, though your enemies will hate you.

Primeval Patina asks you to complete, not necessarily win, seven Gambit Matches, as well as defeat combatants of all types. Guardian kills grant the most progress.

The problem right now? The Primeval Patina quest is bugged. It requires an absurd number of kills to compete, far beyond what Bungie intended. They’re aware of the issue, as Senior Community Manager dmg04 noted a fix is on the way. If you must have the wrap now, expect to play a lot of Gambit.

Some perspective: a match where you kill around 50 enemies, most of them with your Fusion, might net you 3% or so. Wins don’t increase this value at all. You’ll need to complete about 50 matches by that logic, win or not, and realistically, it’s liable to be more like 60.

We’ll update this article with the new progression once the fix comes in.

Destiny 2: How to Get The Red Hat Wrap

Earning The Red Hat is more a test of patience than skill. You need to kill 100 Guardians and upgrade your Valor Rank three times. You’ll get a modest bonus to your Guardian kill requirement for going on streaks.

Both ranks will come as you play, but depending on how high your Valor ranking is, increasing it three times could take a while.

While Solar Fusion kills are your best option, you’re fine using any Solar Primary. Use whatever you’re most comfortable with, though something like Igneous Hammer, Sunshot, The Summoner, or Stars in Shadow is likely the most consistent.

An average PvP match will net you around 8 ~ 10% on both progress bars based on your performance. The whole process should only take a couple of hours.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Vanguard Vestments Wrap

Probably the easiest of the three wrap quests, getting Vanguard Vestments won’t take you much more than an hour or so. The exact timing will depend on the weekly Nightfall in rotation. In Fallen S.A.B.E.R. on Hero difficulty, I was averaging 30% on the combatant kill bar. You’ll also need to complete three Strikes of any difficulty.

If you’re a member of a clan, you’ll gain a bonus to both bars, cutting your time by at least a third.

Here’s hoping Primeval Patina gets fixed soon. In the meantime, check out some of our other Destiny 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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