The Bluejay quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall is one the last before you start one of the expansion's Exotic quests. Here's how to complete it.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Complete the Bluejay Quest

The Bluejay quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall is one the last before you start one of the expansion's Exotic quests. Here's how to complete it.

The long quest to recover the Cloud Striders’ history goes on with the final Legendary part of the questline for the Archivist of Neomuna. Don’t expect things in the Bluejay quest to be as grueling as in Maelstrom, but there is a little bit of grinding to do here. Thankfully, most of how to do the Bluejay quest is action-based rather than forcing you to wait around for minutes at a time.

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How to Complete the Bluejay Quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Once you complete the Maelstrom quest, you’ll immediately receive Bluejay from Quinn Laghari, the Neomuna City Archivist. Here are all the steps.

Bluejay Step 1: Visit Nimbus

As with most things Neomuna, you’ll need to visit Nimbus on his perch to progress it.

Bluejay Step 2: Collect Shellcode Fragments and a Polymorphic Engine

For this step, go to the current Vex Incursion Zone and defeat enemies with Strand equipped. No specific enemies necessary, nor do you need to use Strand abilities or a Strand-element weapon, just have the subclass equipped. They will only sometimes drop a Shellcode Fragment, a little white mote that will be marked on your HUD as well.

To get the Polymorphic Engine, all you need to do is complete a Terminal Override activity and open the second chest with the appropriate Key.

Bluejay Step 3: Complete the Partition Activity

Depending on how many Partition activities you’ve completed, you might need to do different activities. Hard Reset, the first one, is a long Sparrow race with three increasingly difficult small arenas in between.

These all have one or two Champion enemies per arena, and you’ll face a boss after the fourth Sparrow section. The boss will use the mechanics set down in the previous areas. Hard Reset has you disarming bombs on a timer, and to get through the boss’s phases, you have to do the same.

Bluejay Step 4: Restore Bluejay’s Memorial

Return to the Hall of Heroes and interact with Bluejay’s memorial to restore it.

Bluejay Step 5: Return to Quinn

Head back to Quinn to complete Bluejay and she’ll finally give you the Strider Exotic mission, the main reason you’ve been restoring all the Memorials.

You won’t have to complete all the Bluejay quests on your other characters (if you have them), so while you won’t be getting multiple Winterbite Exotics, you also don’t have to grind out the annoying bits either. If you’re looking for more Destiny 2 Lightfall coverage, we’ve covered how to complete the NODE.OVRD.AVALON Exotic mission, get the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Catalyst, and how to get Cloud Accretions. For even more, check out our D2 guides hub.

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