Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide
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Diablo 4: To Walk a Dark Path Quest Walkthrough Guide

Here's our complete guide for the side quest To Walk a Dark Path in Diablo 4.

The Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest is an essential mission for completing the Hawezar zone side quests. It will be available after completing Act V and is the start of a four-part chain. Here’s our complete walkthrough guide for the To Walk a Dark Path quest in Diablo 4.

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How to Complete To Walk a Dark Path Quest in Diablo 4

The long and short for completing this quest is as follows:

  • Grab the quest from Father Dymus in Zarbinzet.
  • Find the Decaying Farmstead.
  • Obtain the Lockbox Key from eliminated enemies.
  • Open the Forgotten Lockbox and listen to the journal entry.
  • Head to Tibaults Grasp.
  • Speak to the Frightened Pilgrim.
  • Defeat the Frightened Pilgrims.
  • Speak to the Frightened Pilgrims.
  • Completed
  • Reward: Hawezar Renown, item cache, gold, and xp.

How to Start To Walk a Dark Path Quest

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide Father Dymus location
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To start the quest, you’ll need to talk to Father Dymus in Zarbinzet. I found him directly north of the town Waypoint. Simply select the conversation choice, “Is everything alright Father?” to begin.

Decaying Farmstead and Lockbox Key Location

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide Decaying Farmstead location
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Once you start the quest, you’ll receive a general search area for the Decaying Farmstead. The Farmstead is on the southeast side of the area. Once you approach it, your search area will get smaller. When you arrive, you’ll need to defeat all marked enemies to obtain a Lockbox Key.

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide Forgotten Lockbox
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After getting the Lockbox Key, you’ll find the Forgotten Lockbox on the upper north side of the Decaying Farmstead. Open the Lockbox, and you’ll receive gold, as well as a journal page to listen to. Next, head over to Tibaults Grasp.

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide Frightened Pilgrims
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Where to Find Tibaults Grasp and the Frightened Pilgrims

Tibaults Grasp will be marked as an exact location on your main map. Head there, and you’ll find a trio of Frightened Pilgrims praying at an altar. Talk to the Frightened Pilgrims, and they’ll quickly turn on you and fight you.

You’ll be tasked to subdue the Frightened Pilgrims, but this really means defeating them in a fight. I didn’t have any trouble, and it was actually kind of sad because they’ll run away sobbing.

Diablo 4 To Walk a Dark Path quest guide Frightened Pilgrims final location
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After defeating the Frightened Pilgrims, they’ll run to the west side of the area, and their new location will be marked on the map. But don’t worry; it’s a short walk. Once you reach them, you’ll need to talk to them again. They’ve been tortured for weeks by Elias’ partner Symon, and assure you it’s the only reason they attacked you; the quest will then complete.

You’ll receive +20 Hawezar renown, an item cache, and gold and XP tailored to your level. The next quest, At Any Cost, will automatically begin once you complete To Walk a Dark Path.

That’s all there is to know for completing the To Walk a Dark Path Quest in Diablo 4. For additional tips, tricks, and more, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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