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Does Lethal Company Have Cheats? Answered

If you're wondering if Lethal Company has cheats, here's the answer.

Whether you’re looking for something like god mode or a way to unlock all items, cheats and console commands can completely change a game. Some games, like Cities: Skylines 2, have them available by default. But others don’t. So, does Lethal Company have cheats?

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Are There Cheats for Lethal Company?

The short answer is yes: there are cheats for Lethal Company. However, the cheats available aren’t baked into the game. Instead, they’re all unofficial fan-made trainers and mods. A simple Google search reveals tons of them. I have to caution that you should use any cheats and trainers — not just those for Lethal Company — at your own risk.

What are Lethal Company Cheats and Trainers? Explained

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Lethal Company cheats are ways to modify the game’s code and artificially induce things like movement boosts, god mode, and more. They offer various ways to modify the game, like having the monsters ignore you or having unlimited sprint and taking no damage. Indeed, they can be great fun when playing alone in offline local mode. That said, the story is a little bit different in online multiplayer.

That’s because these kinds of cheats and mods break the game for everyone: you and anyone else playing. Personally, I don’t like playing multiplayer games with people using these kinds of cheats because of how drastically they can change game mechanics. That’s not to mention they can cause bugs and other technical issues that can lead to crashes, timeouts, and more.

The code modifications may not directly impact other players on their PCs, but the changes have a ripple effect. Other players can’t make use of your cheats in co-op unless they also have the same cheats active, but they can suffer from the effects of cheats and trainers anyway.

Can I Be Banned for Cheating in Lethal Company?

Technically, yes: you can be banned for cheating in Lethal Company. Valve uses an anti-cheat (VAC) to detect players with cheats on their PC. You can be permanently banned for using these tools. According to Valve, “VAC bans are permanent, non-negotiable, and cannot be removed by Steam Support. If a VAC ban is determined to have been issued incorrectly, it will automatically be removed.”

Before deciding whether to use anything to get infinite money or anything else in Lethal Company, make sure to read the entire Valve post on cheating thoroughly. I recommend you don’t use cheats, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

What Lethal Company Players are Saying About Cheats and Trainers

With all of this in mind, I wanted to see what Lethal Commpany players thought about cheats and trainers — and a look at the game’s Steam forums shows they aren’t too happy about other players using them. While there are only 16 entries when searching for cheats in the forum, more than half of them are angry that cheaters are ruining their games.

Some are calling for developer Zeekerss to add anti-cheat to the game or better ways to kick and/or ban players that are using cheats and trainers. So far, the development hasn’t addressed these concerns, but there’s a lot going on in the game’s Early Access, especially considering the game’s overnight success. It’s possible changes will come in future updates and patches.

For now, that answers the question of whether or not Lethal Company has cheats. For more tips on ship upgrades and turrets, click the links and check out our Lethal Company guides hub.

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