Does Lethal Company Have Matchmaking? Answered

A lot of multiplayer games these days have matchmaking, but not all. Let's go into how Lethal Company's multiplayer works.

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Maybe you don’t want to look for moon scrap with friends, maybe you want to play around with random people. I’ll answer your question of does Lethal Company have matchmaking in this guide, to know before you buy.

Is There Matchmaking in Lethal Company? How Multiplayer Works

While newer multiplayer games tend to lean more towards matchmaking with random players, when playing alone or not with a full group, in ye olden days, lobbies were the only way to go. These days, some games use a mixture of the two; but not so in Lethal Company.

Maybe to fit the game’s whole retro look, Lethal Company does not have matchmaking. What it does have is lobbies, which you can hop into via the “Join a crew” option at the main menu. You’ll be presented with a list of very interestingly named lobbies, and you can see how many players are already present in that session.

If you’re just playing with friends or want to play alone, you can choose to “Host” at the main menu. You choose a save game and get started, easy peasy.

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Lethal Company Multiplayer with Mods

If you’re using a mod like BiggerLobby or MoreCompany that increases the player cap in a lobby, you’ll be presented with different lobby lists than the vanilla game. These lobbies are only for players who have these mods, you won’t be able to see them with an unmodded game. If you want the mass-employee experience, you’ll want to install one of these first. I recommend BiggerLobby to scavenge scrap with randoms because it has more features, but MoreCompany is easier to install and a good option for a dedicated crew that doesn’t want to fiddle with mods too much.

So, that should answer your question of does Lethal Company have matchmaking. It doesn’t. But that’s fine, lobby systems are just as functional and have the benefit of getting a tiny preview of who you’re about to jump in with. Just don’t be put off by the more unsavory lobby names, scroll past them and move on if you don’t like them. Check out some of our other LC guides on GameSkinny, like my all monsters guide or my massive tips and tricks guide.

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