The grappling hook is one of the best tools in Dying Light 2. It can completely change the way you explore the city, and we will show you where to get it.

Dying Light 2: When Do You Get the Grappling Hook?

The grappling hook is one of the best tools in Dying Light 2. It can completely change the way you explore the city, and we will show you where to get it.

Leaping across buildings and soaring on gliders is great fun in Dying Light 2. The outstanding movement is one of the reasons we said the design was brilliant in our review. But when do you get the grappling hook?

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This one fabulous tool takes traversal a step further, allowing you to follow your leaps with Tarzan-like swings, but it takes time to unlock. If you’re here, you’re wondering how to get it.

It’ll be a while before you get access to the grappling hook, even longer than it takes to get the paraglider. But you can’t miss it. Here is how you get your hands on it.

How to Get the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2

The grappling hook is the last of the movement-based tools you are given in Dying Light 2. It’s locked until you reach The Broadcast main story mission in the latter half of the game. That means you don’t need to worry about completing any specific tasks to get it. Just play through the game as normal until you reach this mission.  

Without spoiling things, about halfway through this mission, you will find yourself with a need to reach a distant platform, and unable to reach it. But then, in your darkest hour, this magical tool the grappling hook is bestowed upon you. Huzzah! What perfectly convenient timing. Thanks, Dying Light 2!

How to Use the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2 

Now that you’ve got the grappling hook, it’s time you learn how to use it. It exists in your inventory as a tool and can be equipped like thrown weapons or the UV light. By default, it will be mapped to your left trigger on a controller, or right-click on a mouse.  

The grappling hook only works on certain surfaces. The cursor at the center of your screen will form a circle if you are pointed at something you can grapple to. Once you see that circle, throw out the grappling hook to anchor to that point. 

Keep in mind that the grappling hook is meant to allow you to swing. You can chain a number of grapples together to cover a lot of distance. However, it is not going to fly out to a point and pull you straight to it, and you can’t climb up or down with it.

The grappling hook, like some other pieces of equipment, can also be upgraded, giving you things like “additional velocity” in a specific direction. You will need to visit a Craftmaster, and it will cost you military tech found in Airdrops to do so, but it is well worth it to get the most out of this hand tool. If you’re looking for all Airdrop locations, we have you covered here.

There you have it: how to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2. Grappling through the air for fun and for profit is just one of the fabulous tips we have to help you be the best survivor in the apocalypse. For more, turn to the Gameskinny Dying Light 2 guides page.  

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