Wondering how to bring down the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring? Follow this tips guide for all the right strategies.

Elden Ring: How to Beat the Fire Giant Boss

Wondering how to bring down the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring? Follow this tips guide for all the right strategies.

Because of its stature and attacks, the Fire Giant is a tough boss to beat in Elden Ring. This foe is found in the southeastern portion of the Mountaintops of the Giants, where everything becomes just a little harder. You’ll need to defeat this colossus to progress further in the campaign. Here are some tips to come out victorious. 

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How to Defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

The Fire Giant boss fight has two phases. This foe is a lumbering behemoth, which means its attacks are slow and easily telegraphed, but they hit like a truck. You’ll need to be aware of its attack patterns and tells, as well as your surroundings, so you don’t get hit. Of course, dodging helps. 

Fire Giant Phase 1 Tips

During the first phase of the Fire Giant boss fight in Elden Ring, your opponent moves slowly on foot. We recommend closing the distance by riding Torrent, then dismounting once you’re near the Fire Giant.

From there, you’ll want to focus on the Fire Giant’s left leg/foot, with several hits that will eventually cause it to fall down to its knees.

Here are some notable attacks to be aware of during this phase of the fight:

  • Snowplow: Buries a large metal plate in the snow before flinging it toward you.
  • Plate Slam and Plate Swing: Uses the metal plate by bringing it crashing down on the ground or swinging it in a frontal arc. These two moves can be done in succession, too.
  • Giant Stomp: Moves around and brings down its left foot on your location.
  • Giant Roll: After attacking its left foot a few times, it will roll to reposition itself.
  • Fireball: One variation of this move is a fast-moving flame orb, while the other moves slowly but has a larger explosion radius.
  • Burn O’ Flame: Creates pillars of fire around the giant.

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Fire Giant Phase 2 Tips

Once you drop the Fire Giant down to 50% HP, a short cutscene will play. Your enemy will rip out its left leg and offer it up to the sky. 

The Fire Giant will retain most of its abilities from the previous phase (barring the use of the metal plate) and gain some new attacks. At this stage, we suggest riding Torrent to avoid its attacks and target its right leg.

Here are some of the Fire Giant’s new moves in Phase 2:

  • Giant Roll: Its roll attack will cause it to move sideways, so make sure to avoid it.
  • Eruption: Numerous flaming orbs will erupt from its body. You’ll want to be further away when this happens.
  • Fire Breath: Your opponent will spew a jet of flame from its stomach, circling around to track you.
  • Crawling Slam: The Fire Giant will crawl on the ground and slam multiple times with its hands.

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Melee-focused characters should avoid the Fire Giant’s frontal arc attacks. Due to the behemoth’s slow movement, these are easily telegraphed. A slashing weapon is also recommended due to the Fire Giant’s slight vulnerability against this type of armament.

For spellcasters, you could rely on Collapsing Stars, Founding Rain of Stars, Stars of Ruin, and abilities that can be cast quickly. The best, though, is Comet Azur due to its boss-melting damage. 

After you beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, you’ll receive the Remembrance of the Fire Giant. If exchanged with Enia, you can obtain either of these rewards:

  • Giant’s Red Braid (whip) – Requires Str 18, Dex 12, and Fai 12; has scaling values of Str D, Dex D, and Fai D.
  • Burn O’ Flame (incantation) – Similar to the Fire Giant’s ability, it will create pillars of flame around your character; requires Fai 27.

And that’s how to beat the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring. We have plenty more tips and tricks articles to help you navigate the Lands Between. Visit our Elden Ring guides hub for more. 

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