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How to Beat Artifice Moon in Lethal Company: Locations, Enemies, and More

Is this the first secret moon?

Well, that happened. Zeekerss has added a secret moon into Lethal Company, and it’s name is Artifice. In this article, I’ll walk you through this very dangerous Moon where danger lurks around every corner.

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General Information About Artifice Moon in Lethal Company

First of all, this moon is rich with scrap. In my experience, about 5000-6000 of value can be extracted from here. But this comes with (severe) downsides. It costs you 1500 credits to even get there, which is not that easy to gather. Also, the Moon itself is extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to threats you can face there.

Let’s go over the map of this location and more useful details.

Artifice Moon Map in Lethal Company

For your convenience, I’ve drawn up a map of Artifice.

  1. Your Ship
  2. The place where you will get your ordered items
  3. Main Entrance
  4. Fire Exit

As you can see, the map is absolutely compact and accessible, and it has quite a few objects. They do not hold a lot of importance, but make sure to explore them anyway because they hold some secret in/out of the facility passages. There are switches that can close the sliding hangar doors. If you spot a robot idling in a hangar, make sure to close the door. Let’s say that they’re cold. It’s for their own good (and for your own safety).

How to Get to Main Entrance on Artifice Moon in Lethal Company

The Main Entrance to the Artifice Facility in Lethal Company is almost directly forward from the ship, through the middle of the compound, between two rows of hangars. You can also get to the main entrance by going around those hangars, but that should be used if you wish to evade the robots and other enemies on your way back to the ship.

How to Get to Fire Exit on Artifice Moon in Lethal Company

The Fire Exit on Artifice is accessible by turning right after hitting the Main Entrance door, but there’s one more alternate way: run on the right side of the compound and sneak into it through a small breach in the fence, which leads straight into the Fire Exit.

What Enemies Are There on Artifice Moon in Lethal Company?

If I had to be post-ironic about this, this section would have two lines:

  • First of all, there’s literally everything and everyone.
  • Second of all, good luck. You’ll need it.

And the harsh reality is not very far from what I’ve said. The outside section of the Artifice moon will greet you with dormant robots that will activate themselves later during the day, and when the night falls, you’ll be able to see Forest Keepers (Giants) and Eyeless Dogs as well.

The inside is a complete chaos. I mean, look at what has greeted me at the very Fire Exit.

Four turrets and items that together hold the value of 245. If I didn’t screenshot this, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s Artifice in a single picture. The risk and reward of being here. I barely managed to take this screenshot, turn around, and leave the premises alive. The other rooms are no different, and it seems to me that this map was made to be played with mods that allow you to have about 20 players in the lobby.

You’ll certainly spot a Butler here, and if this is your first time interacting with him, we have a guide on how to deal with Butler. More content (especially for v50) awaits you at our Lethal Company Game Hub.

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