Fae Farm: Where to Get Frost Thistle

Here's how to find the unique Frost Thistle plant in Fae Farm.

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Fae Farm has a few unique biomes for you to discover, and they each have distinctive resources. The Frozen Plateau Mountains is a chilly region, and is full of characteristic Critters and materials like Frost Thistle. However, identifying and harvesting it isn’t very straightforward. Here you’ll find our complete guide on where to get Frost Thistle in Fae Farm, as well as how to harvest it.

Where to Get Frost Thistle in Fae Farm

The plant is a unique flower that grows in the Mountains region of Fae Farm. You can identify Frost Thistle by its spiky light blue flowers, and dark green grassy base. You’ll harvest the resource with a Scythe. However, you’ll need to upgrade your Scythe to at least a Silver strength to be able to harvest it. Here’s how to upgrade your Scythe to harvest Frost Thistle.

  • Upgrade Scythe to the prerequisite Feyrite tier.
  • Craft x4 Silver Ingots.
  • Bring the x4 Ingots to Cinder by the Docks.
  • Pay Cinder 2500 Florins and the Silver to upgrade the Scythe.
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If you’re having any trouble locating or harvesting Frost Thistle, I recommend completing Grell’s A Frozen Friend quest to eliminate the snowstorm in the Frozen Plateau Mountain region first. Once the blizzard is cleared, it’s much easier to navigate the area, and you no longer need those tedious warming potions.

Frost Thistle will prove itself useful for the Fireproof Potion that you’ll need for the Scorched Caverns. However, you’ll require some additional ingredients for the Scorched Caverns, like Snowflakes.

That’s all there is to know about where to get Frost Thistle in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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