The Blackjack is an iconic airship from Final Fantasy's past, and now FFXIV players can pilot it themselves. Here's how to unlock the new mount.

FFXIV: How to Get the Blackjack Mount

The Blackjack is an iconic airship from Final Fantasy's past, and now FFXIV players can pilot it themselves. Here's how to unlock the new mount.

Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of impressive mounts to choose from, and the development team often likes to use mounts to put in references to past games. That’s exactly what Patch 6.35 does by introducing a massive new mount based on the iconic Blackjack airship from Final Fantasy VI. If you want to get it for yourself, you’ll need a lot of MGP and the Identification Key to secure the 4-seater airship.

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How to Unlock the Blackjack Mount in FFXIV

Image via Square Enix

The Blackjack Mount is, fittingly, the latest mount you can unlock at the Gold Saucer. Getting the ship is pretty straightforward, but getting the currency you need in order to buy it is not. Buying the Blackjack requires MGP, the currency used at the Golden Saucer, and you’ll need a staggering 4 million in order to buy the new mounts, Blackjack included.

Once you have the money you need, you can buy the mount by going to the Prize Claim Attendant at the Gold Saucer (X:5.1, Y: 6.7). From the menu, purchase the Blackjack Identification Key, then go into your menu, and use the item to add the Blackjack to your mount list. 

Tips For Earning MGP for the Blackjack or Other Mounts

Four million MGP is no small amount, and no matter how you look at it, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time grinding the currency if you really want the Blackjack. MGP is earned through practically every activity in the Gold Saucer, but the best way of earning it is by completing the Challenge Log each week

Challenge Log

The Challenge Log resets every Tuesday at 3 a.m. Eastern, and just like how you have challenges for Duties, PvP, etc., there’s a section for Golden Saucer. Completing every Challenge will yield just around 90,000 MGP.

Fashion Report

Another quick way of getting MGP is by taking part in the weekly Fashion Report. This contest takes only a few seconds to enter, and the judge will grade your outfit and then give you MGP as a reward. You get 10K MGP simply for participating but can get an extra 50K if you get a certain grade.

Mini and Jumbo Cactpot Drawings

You can also take part in the Mini and Jumbo Cactpot drawings, which have daily and weekly lotteries. These are entirely random so there’s no way to guarantee a win, but you can enter in only a few seconds. 

Lord Vermillion Minigame

Finally, after you’ve exhausted these methods and just need to grind MGP, you can play the Lord of Vermillion minigame. This game has your team of minions battling an enemy team, but you don’t actually need to do anything to earn MGP. You can simply start the match and let it play out, and you’ll earn. This means you can endlessly play matches, and just do something else while you wrack up MGP. You won’t get as much MGP as you do by completing Challenges, but it’s still an easy way if you need extra.

You should now have everything you need to get the Blackjacin FFXIV. It’s just a matter of putting in the work. If you need other tips or help with Endwalker and Patch 6.3, such as how to desynth, get the Corgi Minion and Mama Automaton, and unlock the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid, so make sure to click those links or head to our FFXIV guides hub

Featured image via Square Enix.

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