Fortnite: How to Fix Error Code 91

Struggling to get into the lobby in Fortnite? Try out these fixes to get in game.

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If you’ve tried loading into the lobby in Fortnite but couldn’t connect due to Error Code 91, you’re not the only one. Players have been struggling to join matches and have even been dropped from them because of it. Here’s what can be done to fix Error 91.

What is Error Code 91?

Error Code 91 deals with server connection issues and has been popping up for years, booting unsuspecting players from matches and locking them out of lobbies. Another potential cause for Error Code 91 can be corrupted game files, though it’s more likely the servers are the cause.

Is there a Fix for Error Code 91?

In some cases, there’s not much to be done about the server issues that bring on Error 91. Sometimes it’s something on your end, sometimes it’s something on Epic’s end. Try the following fixes, starting with checking the server status.

  • Check Server Status: Checking to see if the servers have been brought down for maintenance is a good starting place for any connection issue. Head to the Epic Games Public Status page to check.
  • Verify Game Files: To ensure none of the files have been corrupted, go to the Settings menu in the launcher then select verify.
  • Restart the game: This sometimes magically fixes all issues.
  • Turn Crossplay On: You may be timing out of a lobby due to lack of players on your chosen console. Go to the settings menu in game to turn on Crossplay in the privacy tab.
  • Turn off NAT: Network Address Translation can be on if you wanted stricter data sharing. Turn this off in your computer’s Network and Sharing Center.
  • Reinstall Fortnite: Not ideal, but a fresh install can clear up Error Code 91.
  • Submit a Ticket: If all else fails, submit an official support ticket to Epic Games Support via the Fortnite Support page.

Trying these different methods can get you loaded into a game faster than repeatedly joining a lobby. If none of them work for you, you’ll need to wait until Epic Games clears up the current trigger for Error Code 91. If you’re running into different errors or other issues, check out our Fortnite guides hub.

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