Fun Run 2 Tips for Sawing Down the Competition

Fun Run 2 brings all new levels and more!
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Fun Run 2 has earned its spot on the top of the App Store chart coming in just behind Trivia Crack and is free-to-play. It’s a win-win for everyone because this game is fun. For those of you with children I will warn you that it’s very gory so it might be good to look over the game before you let one of your younger kids play. That being said let’s get to the tips of how to beat your opponents in the race:

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Use your power ups! 

It’s crucial that you use your power ups every time you get them! It’s the difference in coming in first or last! There are several power ups that all coast, rocket, or lighting, your way out of a bind. 

Thunder: Brings a thundercloud and strikes all nearby players. The range is enormous so it’s very hard to avoid, it’s a good thing if you’re the one who has it!

Sawblade: As the name suggests this power up gives you a sawblade to chopped down all the competition that is within a reasonable distance in front of you. 

Rocket: This rocket gives you the ability to float over most obstacles in your way giving you the advantage over your competitors having to jump over all the rock mounds and walls.

Magnet: Pulls back enemy players that are ahead of you, slowing them down to allow you to catch up.

Bear Trap: Sets a bear trap under your feet so players falling behind will stay behind and get their legs chopped off. 

Boxing Glove: Like the bear trap, the boxing glove sets at your feet. The players behind you get punched back a little if they step on it. 

Rifle: One of the more skilled power ups to use when you have it because you have to aim! Aim at the player you want to knock out and tap the screen to shoot.

Balloon: The balloon allows you to get hit by one of the other players’ weapons without it effecting your run. 

Shield: Keeps you safe from other power ups for a certain amount of time.

Be ready for fast action at the start of the race!

The only thing worse than losing is losing right out of the gate. Make sure you take a look at what item you’re starting with and determine whether you need to release your weapon immediately or jump out-of-the-way while the other players use their items.

Memorize the level. 

This one is only a tip you can use after the first few tries. It takes time to get to know the levels but they never change so you’ll know more of what to expect with each pass!

If you follow these tips and practice you’ll be getting that first place medal more often than not! If you’re competitive and love to race against friends this app is the one for you. Check it out for free at the App Store and Google Play Store!

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