This guide lists the five best weapons for Nilou in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Nilou Best Weapons Guide

This guide lists the five best weapons for Nilou in Genshin Impact.

Nilou is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact. She’s a sword dancer, using graceful moves before unleashing vicious strikes with the Hydro element. If you want to use this character to its full potential, you’ll want to know the best weapons for Nilou, as well as viable alternatives should the need arise. We outline those armaments below. 

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Best Weapons for Nilou in Genshin Impact

Nilou primarily relies on her maximum HP stat, which is where her damage scaling comes from. As such, you’ll need weapons that provide more HP.

Apart from that, one of Nilou’s passives requires her to have a strict party composition with only Hydro and Dendro characters. Because of this, you can have her as a main DPS or sub-DPS character, with a bit of elemental mastery (EM).

Key of Khaj-Nisut

The Key of Khaj-Nisut is the best weapon for Nilou in Genshin Impact. It has its own banner, as it’s a 5-star weapon. It has the following perks and effects:

  • Perk: Sunken Song of the Sands: +20% HP; gain the Grand Hymn effect for 20 seconds after your elemental skill hits an enemy. This provides the following buffs:
    • Increases elemental mastery (EM) by 0.12% of the wielder’s max HP; can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds; maximum of three stacks.
    • Upon reaching three stacks or if the duration is refreshed, grant EM to all other party members equal to 0.2% of the wielder’s max HP; lasts 20 seconds.
  • Has HP% as a sub-stat; +542 ATK and +66.2% HP at level 90.
  • Refinement ranks increase the HP% and EM bonuses.

The Key of Khaj-Nisut has everything you could ever want. It boasts huge HP gains from its sub-stat and perk, along with extra EM, which is also based on a percentage of your max HP.

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Other Viable Weapons for Nilou

Primordial Jade Cutter: The Primordial Jade Cutter, another 5-star weapon with its own banner, is an alternative option for Nilou. Its Protector’s Virtue perk grants +20% HP and an ATK bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s max HP. To be frank, you’re mostly using this for the HP stat from the perk.

Freedom Sworn: Freedom Sworn is also a 5-star weapon with its own banner. The Revolutionary Chorale perk grants a sigil when you trigger elemental reactions. With two sigils, the party gains +20% ATK and +16% normal, charged, and plunging attack damage for 12 seconds. Nilou can proc elemental reactions easily, but the internal cooldown for the buff takes 20 seconds, too.

Iron Sting: This craftable sword from Mondstadt has the Infusion Stinger perk, providing +6% damage for six seconds (maximum of two stacks) after you deal elemental damage. Considering how often Nilou deals elemental hits, you’re bound to have high uptime with this buff.

Sapwood Blade: This sword can be crafted by buying the blueprint once you’ve completed the Aranara quest chain. Its Forest Sanctuary perk creates a Leaf of Consciousness around your character when a Dendro-based reaction is triggered, further adding +60 EM for 12 seconds. The only downside here is that Nilou focuses primarily on Bloom reactions due to a specific team comp.

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These are the top five best weapons for Nilou in Genshin Impact. If you want to learn more about the character, you can take a look at our main build/talents guide for Nilou. For everything else about the game, you can visit our guides hub.

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