Here are all of the dishes from Genshin Impact's Spices from the West: Northerly Search event that characters like and dislike.

Genshin Impact: Spices From the West Northerly Search Event Character Guide

Here are all of the dishes from Genshin Impact's Spices from the West: Northerly Search event that characters like and dislike.

The Spices From the West: Northerly Search event has introduced a plethora of new foods to Genshin Impact, with a variety of new dishes available and a taste test segment. The event runs until April 10, then all Fragrant Dishes and Fragrant Seasonings will disappear from your inventory. Here are all the dishes you can create and which characters love them in Genshin Impact. 

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All Characters Favorite Dishes

There are 16 new dishes that have been introduced in the 2023 Spices From the West: Northerly Search event. You’ll need to feed your characters 21 times to earn all rewards from the event. 

  • Fragrant Calla Lily Seafood Soup: Keqing, Tartaglia, Xingqiu, Hu Tao, Paimon
  • Fragrant Chicken-Mushroom Skewer: Tartaglia, Hu Tao, Paimon, Tighnari, Bennett
  • Fragrant Cold Cut Platter: Bennett, Chongyun, Diluc, Fischl, Kaeya, Mika, Qiqi, Razor, Rosaria, Thoma, Yelan
  • Fragrant Crab, Ham and Veggie Bake: Dori, Keqing, Sayu, Sucrose, XIngqiu, Yanfei
  • Fragrant Fisherman’s Toast: Itto, Fischl, Jean, Klee, Layla, Kokomi, Shenhe, Yae Miko
  • Fragrant Fried Radish Balls: Collei, Dori, Heizou
  • Fragrant Mint Jelly: Albedo, Itto, Chongyun, Dehya, Eula, Gorou, Ayato, Nahida, Nilou, Qiqi, Raiden Shogun, Sucrose, Xiao, and Yoimiya
  • Fragrant Mondstadt Grilled Fish: Barbara, Beidou, Collei, Diona, Hu Tao, Kaeya, Keqing, Klee, Mika, Razor, Xiao, Xingqiu, Yun Jin
  • Fragrant Mushroom Pizza: Candace, Jean, Ayaka, Kujou Sara, Sayu, Shenhe, Thoma, Tighnari, Yae Miko, Yaoyao
  • Fragrant Northern Smoked Chicken: Bennett, Chongyun, Faruzan, Kaeya, Ayaka, Ayato, Mika, Ningguang, Qiqi, Razor, Thoma, Xiangling, Yaoyao, Yelan, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Radish Veggie Soup: Ganyu, Lisa, Noelle, Kokomi
  • Fragrant Satisfying Salad: Chongyun, Eula, Lisa, Mona, Noelle, Kokomi, Venti, Wanderer
  • Fragrant Steak: Alhaitham, Amber, Bennett, Collei, Cyno, Diluc, Kujou Sara, Mika, Razor, Rosaria, Kokomi, Sayu, Xinyan, Yun Jin
  • Fragrant Sticky Honey Roast: Amber, Beidou, Bennett, Candace, Cyno, Diluc, Ayato, Kuki Shinobu, Razor, Sayu, Tartaglia, Venti, Xiangling, Xinyan, Yaoyao, Yun Jin, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Sunshine Sprat: Albedo, Alhaitham, Barbara, Bennett, Diluc, Diona, Dori, Hu Tao, Kazuha, Ayaka, Keqing, Klee, Mika, Ninnguang, Razor, Heizou, Xingqiu
  • Fragrant Tea Break Pancake:  Albedo, Itto, Dehya, Dori, Eula, Gorou, Layla, Lisa, Nahida, Nilou, Noelle, Raiden Shogun, Sucrose, Yoimiya

It appears that Fried Radish Balls are the least popular dish, while the Sticky Honey Roast is the most popular. 

All Characters Hated Dishes

Just as characters love certain dishes, they also hate certain dishes. Make sure not to feed these to the characters that dislike them unless you are looking for their reactions. 

  • Fragrant Calla Lily Seafood Soup: Alhaitham, Ganyu, Jean, Klee, Mona, Nahida, Ningguang, Kokomi, Xinyan, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Chicken-Mushroom Skewer: Collei, Fischl, Ganyu, Kazuha, Ayato, Nilou, Sucrose
  • Fragrant Cold Cut Platter: Albedo, Amber, Beidou, Dori, Ganyu, Kuki Shinobu, Raiden Shogun, Tighnari, Xiangling, Yae Miko
  • Fragrant Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake: Chongyun, Cyno, Eula, Ganyu, Ayaka, Mona, Nahida, Ningguang, Qiqi, Kokomi, Venti, Yae Miko, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Fisherman’s Toast: Diona, Ganyu, Gorou, Xiao
  • Fragrant Fried Radish Balls: Bennett, Chongyun, Diona, Mika, Razor, Sayu
  • Fragrant Mint Jelly: Amber, Barbara, Beidou, Diona, Faruzan, Hu Tao, Keqing, Kujou Sara, Waderer, Xinyan, Yanfei, Yelan
  • Fragrant Mondstadt Grilled Fish: Bennett, Candace, Chongyun, Diluc, Ganyu, Kokomi, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Mushroom Pizza: Collei, Ganyu, Nilou, Noelle, Heizou, Sucrose, Venti, Xiao
  • Fragrant Northern Smoked Chicken: Dori, Fischl, Ganyu, Lisa, Tartaglia, Tighnari, Yae Miko, Yanfei
  • Fragrant Radish Veggie Soup: Alhaitham, Diona, Faruzan, Kaeya, Razor, Sayu, Yoimiya
  • Fragrant Satisfying Salad: Amber, Itto, Beidou, Dehya, Diona, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Kaeya, Razor, Rosaria, Sayu, Shenhe, Xinyan, Yanfei, Yaoyao, Yun Jin
  • Fragrant Steak: Albedo, Ganyu, Kazuha, Ayaka, Lisa
  • Fragrant Sticky Honey Roast: Albedo, Eula, Ganyu, Noelle, Qiqi, Wanderer, Xingqiu
  • Fragrant Sunshine Sprat: Candace, Ganyu, Kokomi, Thoma, Zhongli
  • Fragrant Tea Break Pancake: Ganyu, Kujou Sara, Rosaria, Wanderer, Yelan

Those are the dishes characters love and hate from Genshin Impact‘s Spices From the West event. For more help, check out our Genshin Impact guides

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