Guess What? Tricky Try Answers – Levels 1 to 50

Simple answers to levels 1 through 50 in Guess What? Tricky Try.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Guess What? (also known as Guess Word?) by Takeoff Games isn’t exactly difficult as a whole, but it can put you to the test every once in a while. This is especially true for Tricky Try mode, which can either be unlocked with coins or once you complete 300 levels in Make It Word mode.

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The answers here are specifically for Tricky Try. You can find answers to levels 51 to 100 here, as well as answers to Guess What? Make It Word mode.

Levels are split up by 10s for easier browsing. Here are some links to help find your way through the list below:

Level Answer
 Level 1 Builder
 Level 2 Secret
 Level 3 Recipe
 Level 4 Magic
 Level 5  Wedding
 Level 6 Icon
 Level 7 Adapter
 Level 8 Treble
 Level 9 Farmer
 Level 10 Invent

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Level Answer
 Level 11 School
 Level 12 Opera
 Level 13 Building
 Level 14 Picture
 Level 15 Language
 Level 16 Connect
 Level 17 Flower
 Level 18 Exhibit
 Level 19 Pass
 Level 20 Entrance 

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Level Answer
 Level 21 Fill
 Level 22 Wall 
 Level 23 Calendar 
 Level 24 Control
 Level 25 Fender
 Level 26 Conceal 
 Level 27 Milk
 Level 28 Royalty 
 Level 29 Unison
 Level 30 Cooler

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Level Answer
 Level 31 Peace
 Level 32 Balloon 
 Level 33 Cowboy
 Level 34 Cube
 Level 35 Wheel
 Level 36 Bird
 Level 37 Decorate
 Level 38 Command
 Level 39 Climate
 Level 40 Coffee

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Level Answer
 Level 41 Publish
 Level 42 Platform
 Level 43 Mirror
 Level 44 Pollute
 Level 45 Defense
 Level 46 Tool
 Level 47 Ginger 
 Level 48 Thread
 Level 49 Emotions 
 Level 50 Register

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