Here's how to master the parry and shield bash techniques in Hellpoint.

Hellpoint Guide: How to Parry, Shield Bash

Here's how to master the parry and shield bash techniques in Hellpoint.
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Knowing how to parry and shield bash in Hellpoint is essential. However, both moves can be a little difficult to pull off, if only because one is never really explained and one didn’t work at launch (though it does now).

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Parrying also requires specific timing, while performing a shield bash requires a bit of awkward hand gymnastics, especially if you’re playing with a controller. 

Hellpoint only gets trickier as it moves forward, so you’ll want to have every tactic possible available to you. 

How to Parry in Hellpoint

The Spawn using a tower shield to parry a decaying, boney enemy next to a pile of corpses.

Parrying is not a separate command in Hellpoint; it’s tied to your block button. It still means mastering your timing, but it’s less punishing because you can often still block an attack even if you get your shield up a little early.

To parry, you need to have a shield equipped in your offhand. You need to hit the block button right as an attack lands.

The timing window was originally listed as 1/3 of a second, and that seems about right. It doesn’t have to be exact, but you have to be pretty darn close. If you succeed, you’ll stagger your enemy and reflect the damage back onto them.

A word to the wise: be careful if you’re low on stamina. Parrying will still drain your stamina bar the same amount as if you blocked an attack regularly, meaning you’ll be staggered as well if you’re too low. Your stagger will incapacitate you longer than your foe’s stagger will incapacitate them, so it’s not an equal trade!

How to Shield Bash in Hellpoint

The spawn using a shield to knock back a thin, decaying enemy in a red-lit, metal corridor.

Shield bashing is actually pretty easy. You obviously need to have a shield equipped to pull this move off, but it lets you get a quick stagger on some foes and hopefully, pump out some quick damage.

To perform a shield bash, hold the block button to get your shield up in front of you. At the same time, hold the sprint button and run towards an enemy.

If you position yourself correctly, you’ll sprint forward and sweep the shield at your enemy as you make contact with them, leaving them open to a follow-up attack!

That’s the long and short of learning how to parry and perform a shield bash in Hellpoint. If you can’t get enough of this sci-fi Souls-like, check out our guides page for more tips and tricks.

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