Tips and tricks for unlocking all of the secret Bonus Levels in Hey! Pikmin.

Hey! Pikmin Guide – How to Unlock Bonus Levels

Tips and tricks for unlocking all of the secret Bonus Levels in Hey! Pikmin.
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Every Sector in Hey! Pikmin hides a challenging Bonus Level that’s great for rounding out your hoard of Sparklium. These can be unlocked by completing certain requirements in a specific level in each Sector.

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As you’re working your way through a Sector, you’ll notice that one of the levels you complete actually has a branching path on the map screen that leads to nothing. This signifies that you can unlock the Bonus Area from that level. If you’re careful and observant, finding the entrance to the bonus level is a rather simple affair.

How to Unlock Bonus Levels in Hey! Pikmin

Levels that unlock a Bonus Area have not one but two exits! The exit that leads to the Bonus Level is generally locked behind a door that to open, requires you to find most of the Pikmin in the area. Make sure you search out and whistle every group of Pikmin to your party. Be patient while going through the level and don’t give your enemies the chance to kill your Pikmin. Pick your fights and you should be fine by the time you reach the gate to the Bonus Level.

Hey! Pikmin Guide How to Unlock Bonus Levels

Make sure you explore every alternative route available. There might be Pikmin hiding in a cave or you may find the alternative exit leading to the Bonus Level. Be observant and check the top screen occasionally to make certain you don’t miss anything. Remember that you can take a peek at the area map by tapping the L or R buttons.

Once you corral all of your Pikmin and reach the gate at the end of the level, exit via the ship to unlock the Bonus Level. Note that this only unlocks the Bonus Level, and if you want to unlock the level you’d get from normal progression, you’ll have to complete the level you just came through again and take the main exit. You don’t have to take the normal progression, however, since completing the Bonus Level provides you with an alternate path to finish the Sector.

Armed with this knowledge, it won’t be long before you unlock and complete the Bonus Levels in every Sector. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more Hey! Pikmin guides coming your way.

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