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Honkai Star Rail: How to Get and Use Trailblaze Power

Using Trailblaze Power is a main component in earning Nameless Honor.

Trailblaze Power is a unique asset in Honkai: Star Rail. Using it is often a daily task to earning Nameless Honor, but how do you do that? Here’s how to get and use Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail.

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How to Get Trailblaze Power

Trailblaze Power is given to you when you start playing, with a maximum amount of 180. Once you start using it, it’ll replenish at a rate of one Trailblaze Power for every six minutes. If you use up all 180 Trailblaze Power you’ll get that back after approximately 18 hours if you don’t keep using it.

If you hate waiting, you can use Fuel to immediately gain 60 Trailblaze Power. Fuel is given to you from Pom-Pom for as an occasional Trailblaze level reward. No Fuel? Fifty Stellar Jade will net you 60 Trailblaze Power as well. You get a max of eight refills per day.

How to Use Trailblaze Power

The main use of Trailblaze Power is battling in the Interastral Guide modes. For each round of battle in a Calyx it costs 10 Trailblaze Power. If you select six rounds, it’ll cost you 60 Trailblaze Power for that combat session.

The Cavern of Corrosion costs 40 Trailblaze Power but you can get relics from it. If you need upgrade materials for Traces, the Echo of War boss fights cost 30 Trailblaze Power to begin. You can only battle in Echo of War three times a week, however.

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If you’ve gotten through the first two Simulated Universe Worlds, you’ll also begin to be able to use Trailblaze Power in Simulated Universe World 3 to obtain Planar Ornaments relics. It’ll cost 40 Trailblaze Power per Planar Ornament. Stagnant Shadow needs 30 Trailblaze Power to use but it rewards character ascension materials.

Using Trailblaze Power is often a goal of Nameless Honor, granting you experience towards different Nameless Honor rewards. Expending Trailblaze Power also gains you 5 Trailblaze Level XP each time you participate in a different mode. Using it as much as possible throughout your gaming session, as well as letting it refill naturally over time, is the best way to optimize your Trailblaze Power at no cost to you.

That’s how to get and use Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail. Utilize it to obtain a variety of rewards including relics, and upgrade materials. Need help completing some of the requirements for the different Interastral Guide modes? Check out our helpful Honkai: Star Rail guides, including those on the Simulated Universe.

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