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How to Check The Finals Server Status? Answered

There are some options to check The Finals server status if you're having connectivity issues.

The Finals brings a fun game show twist to the FPS genre, and it being free to play means there are ton of players swarming to it across Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PS5. In this guide we’ll go over how to check The Finals server status to see if it is down.

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Is The Finals Down? How to Check The Finals Server Status

The Finals has seen exceptional popularity through its beta periods this year, but now it’s finally fully out and ready to play. With The Finals‘ servers being packed with hundreds of thousands of players and Embark Studios being overwhelmed by the amount of players joining and playing the game, there’s bound to be some server congestion and instability.

At the time of writing, I can’t find any way to check The Finals server status directly, but there are three venues you can take to see if there are any official announcements from Embark Studios or see whether the community at large is also having problems: Discord, Reddit, and X/Twitter. It should be added to Downdetector eventually, but it hasn’t yet.

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Check The Finals’ Server Status on X/Twitter Account

Before adding the game’s to your list of Discord servers, check out The Finals X account first. Embark Studios have been quick to make announcements on the game’s official X account, so it should be your first stop to check its status unless you’re already in the Discord server.

Check The Finals’ Server Status on Discord

The Finals server status can also be checked on its official Discord server, in which the developers post immediate update announcements with pings. This is the fastest way to get updates on what’s going on with patches, plans for the game, and server downtimes. With the playtest ending soon, you’ll probably want to join anyway just for an immediate notification for when the game comes back up.

Check The Finals’ Server Status on Reddit

The subreddit is the least likely community option for telling whether The Finals is down or not, but it’s a reliable gauge of the community’s current problems. Be sure to check the “New” tab of the subreddit for the most recent posts from other players, to see if others are having connectivity issues.

Eventually the game will be added to Downdetector like everything else, and it’s not impossible that Embark Studios will add their own server tracker. For now, these are your options for how to check The Finals‘ server status. Check out some of our other The Finals guides here on GameSkinny.

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