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How to Collect Metallica Music Notes in Fortnite

Follow the music!

While working on completing your Metallica quests in Fortnite, you’ll discover all sorts of music around the island. After you jam out Jam Statues, you’ll need to find some musical notes. Stuck on where to get them? We have your back! Here’s how to find them and collect them.

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Fortnite Collecting Metallica Music Notes Guide

Finding the Metallica Music Notes may be a bit of a brain teaser. Unfortunately, the game won’t tell you where to go on your map to find them, either. That’s because the only way to start locating Metallica Music Notes is to activate an Encore Session. The Music Notes will only start popping up when the Encore Session is activated, which means activating one should be your first step.

How to Activate an Encore Session

You actually just completed the Jam Statue Encore Session directly before getting to this step, although you may have missed its actual effect. But if you happened to get eliminated before you could track down your musical notes, don’t worry. All you need to do is jam out at a Jam Statue for five seconds to activate another Encore Session.

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Approach any of the Jam Statues (you can find some at some Named Locations like Lavish Lair, Pleasant Piazza, The Underworld, or Mount Olympus), and press your emote button to start a jam up. Continue the jam for five seconds, and an Encore Session will automatically activate. This is when you can start collecting your Metallica Music Notes.

Where to Collect Metallica Music Notes

Once the Encore Session is active, you can collect the Music Notes you need by searching containers or eliminating players. You’ll only need five in total.

Searching Containers

If you don’t want to risk facing another enemy player to collect notes, you can easily collect them by wandering around your location and opening any ammo boxes or chests. I was able to collect one Music Note in an ammo box. Keep opening more of them, and you’ll eventually get your five.

Eliminating Players

A much faster way to collect your Music Notes is to eliminate a player. Once the player is eliminated, the Music Notes will drop out along with their loot. You can just run into them to collect them automatically.

Metallic Music Notes on the ground after eliminating a player in Fortnite
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I was able to get four Music Notes from eliminating someone, which is a lot more than you’ll find by opening one container. If you’re brave enough, this is definitely the faster method of collecting them, but with a lot more risk involved.

Don’t worry if you die while trying to complete this process. You’ll save the progress that you made on it, but you’ll have to head back to another Jam Statue and activate an Encore Session before continuing again.

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