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How to Find Sylvan Glade in Sims 4 (& Build There)

Disappear into Sylvan Glade's hidden hideaway. Here's how to find it!

There are plenty of lots to explore and decorate in the Sims 4, but did you know there are also some secret lots to discover? Sylvan Glade is a hidden paradise hidden right under our noses. Here’s how to find it and build on it using cheats.

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Where is Sylvan Glade in Sims 4

You won’t find Sylvan Glade in the Manage World map. Instead, you must travel to a very discreet location that you wouldn’t expect to hide this beautiful location: Crick Cabana in the Foundry Cove area of Willow Creek.

Sims 4 manage world menu, willow creek map with crick cabana lot circled in yellow
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These may seem like an ordinary residential area with mediocre houses (unless you’ve already revamped it), but just off to the northeast side of the Crick Cabana house, is a special tree.

You’ll be able to tell this tree apart from all the rest due to the mushrooms growing on it. However, you must tend to it properly to open the secret entrance. Clicking on the tree will allow you to interact with it in a few different ways. You will only be able to unlock the following options when you complete them in order. Once you do, the tree will open a doorway you can explore. Here’s the order of actions to complete (you may have to do one more than once for the other options to show up):

  • View
  • Water
  • Compliment on Leaves
  • Explore

Once your sim disappears into the tree to explore, several options will pop up on your screen. It’s important that you select all the correct options to find the Sylvan Glade hideout.

These are the the correct answers to give as they pop up on the screen:

  • Follow the Sound
  • Travel Downstream
  • Enter the Mist
  • Travel to the Glade

Ta-da! You’ve made it to Sylvan Glade. You will only need to complete these steps one time; the next time you come to the entrance, you can wander right in, or if you have Wellness level 7, use Meditate to teleport there. This secret lot is a special little twilight paradise where you can catch rare fish in the pond, find rare frogs and plants to harvest, and even enjoy the daylight as a vampire.

How to Build At Sylvan Glade

Sylvan Glade is not a very big lot, sitting around 15×10. However, there is a way for you to build on the lot if you’d like to make it your own. This requires a simple cheat, much like the move objects cheat.

To open your cheat menu, press Ctrl + Shift + C on PC or press all bumpers and triggers simultaneously on console. You’ll see a little white bar at the top of your screen. Then, type in bb.enablefreebuild. No spaces and no caps, and press Enter. It should pop up a message saying, “Free build mode is enabled.” Now, the build option will be available at the top right of your screen.

Sylvan Glade may not be very big, but there is still potential to build there. In free build mode, you can move the pond or even get rid of it if you want (but remember that it contains rare fish), allowing you to have extra space to build. Or, you can build something off to the sides of it. Here are some ideas of builds that would fit in perfectly in the environment:

  • A Picnic Spot
  • Fairy/Witch Cottage
  • A Park Pavillion
  • A Gardening Spot
  • A Romantic Getaway

If you’re struggling to start your build, you can also open the Gallery and search for other creations already made by players. There are lots out there made specifically for this spot.

Now that you have access to Sylvan Glade, you can come back here whenever you like. It’s a beautiful paradise for your sims to enjoy, away from all other distractions. And with some extra TLC, it can be an extra special location.

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