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How to Get Ancestral Sword in WoW SoD

Getting the Ancestral Sword ain't a quick run around the block.

Ancestral Sword is an important component of the Priest’s rune that grants them the Pain Suppression spell in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, and I am here to tell you how to get it. It will take a while to farm the Ancestral Sword, but we’re in this together.

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How to Get the Ancestral Sword in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Ancestral Sword can be found close to Scarlet Monastery. If you’re Alliance, you’ll have a bad time traveling to the place, and if you’re a non-undead Horde, you’ll have a bad time as well, but it will be less difficult on you.

If you’re coming by a zeppelin, you’ll jump off right outside of Undercity (arrow in the middle), and if you’re taking a long walk, you’ll get out of Silverpine Forest (you know, the zone where SFK is) near the arrows at the bottom of the screenshot below.

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Scarlet Monastery (also known as SM) is one of the most popular early game dungeons in World of Warcraft’s history and is easily accessible by road once you are close to the Undercity entrance. It has four wings, and many Scarlet mobs spawn outside and inside the Monastery, so you don’t really need to head into any of the dungeons. Here’s a list of all the mobs that can drop the Ancestral Sword to you (you might legitimately need this because the drop chances are abysmal, like 1% or less, so that you don’t happen to go after the “wrong” mob):

  • Scarlet Abbot
  • Scarlet Adept
  • Scarlet Beastmaster
  • Scarlet Centurion
  • Scarlet Champion
  • Scarlet Chaplain
  • Scarlet Conjuror
  • Scarlet Defender
  • Scarlet Diviner
  • Scarlet Evoker
  • Scarlet Gallant
  • Scarlet Guardsman
  • Scarlet Monk
  • Scarlet Protector
  • Scarlet Scryer
  • Scarlet Sentry
  • Scarlet Soldier
  • Scarlet Sorcerer
  • Scarlet Torturer
  • Scarlet Wizard

What Does Ancestral Sword Do in WoW SoD?

Ancestral swords are important items for Priests because they are key components in obtaining the Pain Suppression spell.

Item Level 31
17 – 46 Damage
Speed 3.10
(10.16 damage per second)
Durability 65 / 65
Requires Level 26
Item Description and Stats
“Passed down by a noble Lordaeron family. Once thought to be lost in the swamps around Kyross along with the last warrior to wield it.”
Flavor text

That’s all about this mysterious sword. Pay a visit to our WoW SoD tag, and you will see how to get a mount in Phase 2, a list of all RFK quests, and how to get an offering coin!

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