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How to Get and Use Cement in Palworld

If you want high tier Pal Spheres in Palworld you're going to need Cement.

Cement is a crafting component that you’re unable to obtain as loot from Pals. Necessary for a variety of items, including other crafters, this is how to get and use Cement in Palworld.

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How to Obtain Cement

As stated above, Cement is an item that can’t be looted from Pals. You may be able to find some at merchants or from chests, but the most consistent way to acquire it is to make it yourself.

Unlocked at level 19 for two Technology Points, Cement is crafted at a High Quality Workbench. It requires:

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A single batch results in 10 units of Cement. If you plan on crafting a lot of defenses for your base, or just need to use up some of your Stone, this is a great way to do it.

It’s also good to stock up on when you want to make many advanced Pal Spheres at once. I find that having around 40-50 spheres when exploring is my comfort level so I never have to worry about running out.

Cement Uses

Flower Bed crafting requirements.
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Cement is used in a variety of advanced crafters and items, especially high capture rate Pal Spheres.

  • Defensive Wall
  • Flower Bed
  • High Quality Hot Spring
  • Hyper Sphere
  • Improved Furnace
  • Legendary Sphere
  • Metal Defensive Wall
  • Mounted Missile Launcher
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Stone Gate
  • Ultra Sphere

Cement is necessary to get heavy duty firepower, erect base defenses, and keep your Pals in a good mood. It’s required to craft the Production Assembly Line as well as the Improved Furnace, but essential for late game builds and survival.

That’s how to get and use Cement in Palworld. If you’re having trouble sourcing Pal Fluids, Bones, or other resources, take a gander at our extensive guide hub for assistance.

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