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How to Get and Use Statue of Power in Palworld

Find out how to get and use the Statue of Power in Palworld.

As you progress in the game, upgrading your own and your Pal’s abilities is crucial to success. The Statue of Power is the only way to do this, so you’ll want to know all about it. Find out how to get and use the State of Power in Palworld here.

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How to Build a Statue of Power in Palworld

I stumbled across a Statue of Power in the Desolate Church of Palpagos Island, but the best thing to do is craft your own. You’ll be introduced to the Technology Tree from the get-go. The collection of recipes is unlocked by using Technology Points that you gain as you level up. To get the Statue of Power, you’ll need to reach level 6 and spend one Technology Point. Then, you’ll need to craft it and place it on your base. Here’s how to make one.

  • x20 Stone
  • x10 Paldium Fragments

All ingredients for this recipe are easily found in the initial spawn region. You can collect Stones from the ground, or use a basic Pickaxe to mine them from large rocks. Palladium Fragments are mined from the glowing blue rocks.

A Paldium node shining in Palworld
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How to Use the Statue of Power

The Statue of Power is exactly as it sounds, and increases the abilities of your Pals and your capture power. Leveling up your favorite Pals and your capture power will make your time in Palpagos Island easier, and the boss fights less burdensome. You’ll simply need to interact with the Statue to use it. However, you’ll need to collect Pal Souls and Lifmunk Effigies to complete upgrades.

How to Upgrade Pals with the Statue of Power

Pal Souls are used to upgrade your Pals at the Statue of Power. Pal Souls are small statues that glow blue. You can find them on the ground throughout Palpagos Island, or in Chests. Each Pal stat upgrade will require a different amount of Pal Souls as you progress through the tiers. You’ll need to select the Pal, the Trait you want to enhance and confirm the upgrade with Enhance. Here are the Pal abilities you can upgrade.

  • Maximum HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Work Speed

I focused on upgrading my battle Pals in the early game. So, Max HP, Attack, and Defense are the focus for my favorite Pals to bring to a fight. Work Speed is a great trait to focus on in the mid to late game, once you’ve got your base Pals set up. If you spend too many Pal Souls, don’t worry. You can refund the Pal Souls by using Reset at the Statue of Power. The refund will cost gold coins, with the cost varying based on the trait’s upgrade level.

Statue of Power pal soul upgrade menu for Pals.
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How to Upgrade Player Capture Power

You can offer the Statue of Power Lifmunk Effigies to upgrade your character’s capture abilities. Liffmunk Effigies are the small glowing green statues you’ll find hidden throughout the map. The Statues are only found within the world, so you won’t come across them in chests. Lifmunk Effigies are only used to upgrade your player, so feel free to use them up.

That’s how to get and use the Statue of Power in Palworld. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our guides library, like how to get a flying mount, how to heal pal fractures, and more.

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