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How to Get Shadow Bonnie in Five Nights TD

Here's how to get Shadow Bonnie in Five Nights TD.

Shadow Bonnie is a nightmare variant of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s character, Bonnie. Unlike other units in the game, you cannot pull this variant from any of the normal sources. Here is how to get Shadow Bonnie in Five Nights TD so you know what to do before the season ends.

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Five Nights TD: How to Get Shadow Bonnie

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You can get Shadow Bonnie in Fight Nights TD by having every unit from the Exclusive Units set in your inventory when the latest season ends on July 6th. The key here is that they must be in your inventory when the season ends. Otherwise, you won’t earn Shadow Bonnie as a reward at the end of the season.

Here are all eight of the Exclusive Units in Five Nights TD and how to get them:

  • Algae Fredbear: You can obtain him by completing tiers in the Summer Battlepass.
  • Blighted Endo Freddy: You have a 0.5% chance to pull him from a clan present.
  • Endo 02: You can earn him by reaching Tier 30 on the Battlepass for Season 1.
  • Leviathan Mangle: You can obtain this unit by opening Summer Presents.
  • Plane Boy: You can obtain this unit by reaching Tier 30 of the Premium Battlepass for Season 1.
  • Pirate Withered Foxy: You can obtain her by purchasing the Start Game Pack.
  • Withered Bonnie: You can obtain her by opening Exclusive Present boxes.
  • Withered Golden Freddy: The only way to obtain him is from the Exclusive Pack – Withered Golden Freddy.

You can use any of the discussed methods or trade for the Exclusive Units needed to get Shadow Bonnie in Five Nights TD. If you’re struggling to get Exclusive Units like Withered Bonnie, the best way to get her is by reaching round 150 in endless mode and then opening Exclusive Presents.

Here are Shadow Bonnie’s stats in Five Nights TD:

  • Rarity: Nightmare
  • Type: AOE
  • Damage: 25-50
  • Range: 10-20
  • Cooldown: 0.05
  • Placement Amount: 2
  • Cost: $25,000

Now that you know how to get Shadow Bonnie in Five Nights TD, you can place one of the coolest units in the game. Check out our Horror hub for more guides like Best Five Night at Freddy’s Games Ranked if you can’t get enough of the franchise.

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