How to get to the Eastern Palace – Zelda: Link Between Worlds Guide

How to enter the map for the Eastern Palace.
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I had just finished the first few parts of the new Zelda, when I got stumped trying to reach the Eastern Palace. Fortunately, I figured out the trick, and I’m going to save you some time!

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How to Get into the Eastern Palace Zone:

Outside the Eastern Palace area entrance, you’ll see a set of stairs, 2 globes pillars with bow and arrow symbols and signs for “Ravio’s shop.”

He says to look for him south of the palace, but if you search the area you’ll come up with nothing. 

That’s because he’s still crashing back at Link’s house.

Where is  Ravio’s Shop? Why, at your house of course!

When you get home Rovio will say hello and make some excuses about monsters. Then, he’ll ask which symbol you saw near his signs. Select the bow and arrow, and he’ll ‘rent’ (give) you the Bow item to use.

Head back to the Eastern Palace Zone Entry

Once you arrive back at the Eastern Zone Entry screen, climb the stairs and use the bow to shoot each globe. That will give you access to the Eastern Steppes and you’ll be able to make your way to the Palace in the East.

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