How to Make a Twig Farm in Enshrouded

You don't have to run around gathering Twigs. Here's how to make a Twig farm in Enshrouded.

Placing shrub sprouts in farm soil in Enshrouded
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When you first start out, you can only gather Twigs from plants or felled trees. However, that’s too efficient. What if I told you there’s a better way? Here, I’ll tell you how to make a Twig farm in Enshrouded.

How to Use Twig Farms to Harvest Twigs Faster in Enshrouded

The Twig struggle is real if you decide on a Ranger or Ranger-adjacent build in Enshrouded. Bow users need Twigs right until the very end. Even Explosive Arrows require them in the form of Flint Arrows. But there’s an easy way to farm Twigs in Enshrouded.

The Farmer Vault location in Enshrouded
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Unlock the Hunter and Alchemist, then find and rescue the Farmer. She’s well north of the Blacksmith’s Vault, beyond a Shroud Well and Flame Marker location. I’ve marked it on the map above.

I found the Farmer Vault to be one of the most arduous in Enshrouded, so come prepared. It requires you to climb and grapple your way through the Vault to press three buttons to unlock the door to the NPC’s pod.

How to Craft a Seedbed

The Seedbed recipe at the Farmer in Enshrouded
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With the Farmer freed, place her at one of your bases. Open her crafting menu and craft a Seedbed for x10 Wood Logs, x2 Metal Scraps, and x10 Farm Soil. Next, use her crafting menu to make Farm Soil with x7 Dirt and x3 Bonemeal.

Hit the ground with your pickaxe to get Dirt (I do this outside my base so I don’t deform the ground). Make Grinding Stones at the Alchemist and turn x1 Bone into x2 Bonemeal.

The Seedbed lets you grow Seedlings of plants you’ve found through your travels. You only need the plant and some other materials, depending on what you want to grow. For Twigs and Plant Fiber, I make Shrub Seedlings. A single Plant Fiber makes x5 Shrub Seedlings. It takes five minutes to grow and cultivate each.

How to make shrub seedlings at a seedbed in Enshrouded
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Plant Shrub Seedlings

This is the easiest part of making a Twig Farm in enshrouded. Place Shrub Seedlings from your hotbar as you normally would furniture and workstations. It takes a bit for them to grow, so I plant them as soon as I rescue the Farmer.

How Long Do Shrub Seedlings Take to Grow?

It normally takes about 31 minutes for Shrub Seedlings to grow in regular dirt. I highly recommend making farm beds and plots using Farm Soil instead. It’s a more complicated effort, so check out my guide on how to make farm beds for instructions. Using Farm Soil, I found you can reduce the growth time of Shrub Seedlings to about eight and a half minutes.

That’s it for how to make a Twig farm in Enshrouded. It’s a lot easier than having to run around and grab them manually, and the growth rate on them is reasonably fast if you grow them in Farm Soil. Check out more of our guides on the game, such as all Carpenter recipes, and how to get more staff charges.

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