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Baz Sebo Game
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How to Quickly Get Reputation Early in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Skyrim's Blacksmith glitch but it's a board game in Flintlock.

Reputation is one of the main resources in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn that will allow you to purchase skills for your character. Now, what if I told you there’s a way to get a good reputation very early in the game? Here’s what you should do.

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How to Gain Reputation Fast in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

I have managed to gain thousands of reputation points in a pretty comfy and chill manner by playing the heck out of the board game that got offered to me in an encampment by Baz (the game can be played against many other characters in cities, encampments, etc.).

The game is called Sebo, and every time you win, you will get 400 Reputation Points. It can be repeated as much as you want, which has led me to believe that this is exploitable, and by all means, it is, and I spent some time farming this game. Sebo reminds me of a game called “Nine Men’s Morris” that I played a lot as a child, so I picked up the mechanics instantly, and I’d like to help you do that as well.

How to Play Sebo in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

The rules of Sebo are simple:

  • Each player can slide one of their pieces to the adjacent “junction” per turn. The new junction must not be occupied by another token.
  • The “attacker” wins if a triangle (Rift) is formed.
  • The “defender” wins if the triangle (Rift) is not formed by the attacker in the allotted turns (this number changes)
  • The “attacker” has 4 tokens, while the “defender” has 3.
  • You are the first to attack, and if you successfully form a triangle and win the round, you must win as a defender again to secure your 400 Reputation reward.

Now, you’re probably wondering if I have some bulletproof strategies for you.

How to Play Sebo as the Attacker

In some cases, I’ve witnessed that AI is either playing suboptimally or is plainly “letting you” get the win. Here’s the movement pattern that worked for me so many times that I got bored of this farming method:

  1. The bottom token goes to the top-right corner.
  2. The top-left token goes right.
  3. The bottom-left token goes up-left and then up-right.
  4. Victory by marching forward until the connection is made.

For some reason, AI usually does not block this (about 80% of games in my findings). Even if it does block your path, you still have enough turns to jiggle your way to victory by employing some of these strategies:

  • Try to have as many tokens in the center line (the center line is the three black tokens at the start) as possible, this gives you flexibility as these tokens attack all 6 directions around them.
  • Try to open up multiple attack vectors by keeping your tokens as close to each other as possible.
  • Try to lock down the opponent’s tokens in corners or in places that they must forcefully guard because if they move their token, your token takes its place and secures the win.

How to Play Sebo as the Defender

Playing Sebo as the defender is the easier part.

  • Hold on to the center line as much as you can. This limits the maneuverability the attacker has at their disposal, and it gives you the much necessary space.
  • Before moving your token, check if the opponent’s token can take its place in the next turn and finish the game.

In the image above, I am not moving the red-circled pieces because this would allow the opponent to regroup their attack. I am trying to hold a line with the upper token and restrict their movement capabilities so that the only two options are:

  • To move the top token and not further their goal of victory because it’s not grouped with the rest.
  • To move the bottom token and achieve nothing because a threat cannot be made in that position.

All in all, you’ll get the gist of it after a few games, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it for a while. If anything, it’ll give you a headstart if you farm a few thousand points with it. For more coverage, check out our Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn guide hub.

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