How to Revive Pals Faster in Palworld: Heal Pals Instantly

You don't have to wait to rez your Pals. Here's how to revive Pals instantly in Palworld.

The player pushing a dead Surfent into a bed in Palworld
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We can just shove incapacitated Pals into the Palbox for 10 minutes to get them back in working order, but there’s an even faster way to do it. In this guide, I’ll briefly go over how to revive Pals faster in Palworld, nearly (but not quite) instantly.

How to Revive Pals Instantly and Skip the 10 Minute Timer in Palworld

The typical method for reviving a Pal is to put them in the Palbox for a full 10 minutes. I don’t like waiting that long to revive my Palworld Pals. I just want them back to work or in my party. Luckily, there’s a deceptively simple way to get incapacitated Pals up and healthy again in a matter of moments.

Rather than putting your Pal into the Palbox to heal, put it into a worker slot in one of your bases. From there, push its incapacitated body into a bed or let one of the other Pals on the farm rescue the Pal and take it there. Manually pushing the Pal by walking into it is faster, especially if you have a bed just next to the Palbox for this very purpose.

A Mozzarina sleeping in a bed in Palworld
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After you push the Pal into the bed, it curls up to sleep. It then changes from being incapacitated to being heavily injured, and shortly after that, a heavy injury turns into a minor one. From there, you can let it finish sleeping to recover all of its HP, or you can put it back in your party and let it slowly recover over time.

How to Instantly Revive Pals Step by Step in Palworld

  1. Place a bed as close as possible to the side of your Palbox that Pals spawn on.
  2. Move your incapacitated Pal to a worker slot.
  3. Push the Pal into the bed to change it from incapacitated to heavily injured.
  4. Look at your Palbox to watch the Pal’s status. Once it has a minor injury, you can move it back to your party or let it rest to full HP.

This deceptively simple process can save you a lot of time in the long run. While I admit it’s not quite instant, it might as well be with how quickly your Pal goes from being incapacitated to heavily injured. And heavily injured just means their HP is low, you can heal them yourself to get them back in action.

That’s it for how to revive Pals faster in Palworld. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as where to find Beegarde, the best foods for Pal sanity, and how to breed Anubis.

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