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How to Turn Off Bloom in Enshrouded: ReShade Presets to Reduce Bloom

You're not completely out in the cold if you want to turn off bloom in Enshrouded.

For a little bit there, plenty of people thought the game didn’t allow you to turn off motion blur. Luckily, it does have it by another name. Bloom is a different issue entirely, though. Here, I’ll tell you how to turn off bloom in Enshrouded.

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How to Reduce the Bloom Effect in Enshrouded

As strange as it might be, there’s no way to turn off bloom in Enshrouded using its settings. This might be added in a future update, but the community at large isn’t one to sit around. There are already two ReShade presets on Nexus that minimize the bloom almost completely. It’s not an ideal option, but it’s better than nothing until an official setting gets added.

Before you can download either preset, download the Reshade overlay. Here’s the official ReShade website, so you don’t have to wade through some questionable websites on Google.

The Enshrouded visuals using JRM's Fake HDR
Image via JRM on Nexus

The first ReShade preset to reduce bloom in Enshrouded is JRM’s Fke HDR Brightness Semi Fix. This is the more vibrant option of the two. It deepens darker colors and makes the lighter ones pop, while minimizing the bloom effect we see traversing in and out of the Shroud.

Giorma's ReShade preset for Enshrouded
Image via Giorma on Nexus

The second ReShade preset to reduce bloom in Enshrouded is Giorma’s Realistic ReShade Brightness Fix. This one’s a little less colorful than JRM’s and is considerably darker in using Reshade 2.0, but it does deal with the bloom and make the game easier on the eyes at large. I personally prefer the look of it in ReShade 1.0.

Having to rely on ReShade to turn off bloom in Enshrouded isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing. Who’s to say whether Keen Games will add a bloom toggle to the graphical settings in the future, but for now these ReShade presets will have to do. Check out some more of our guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as how to tear down environmental buildings, what the base cap is, and all carpenter recipes.

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