The Fishing Shrine is one of the trickier puzzles in Kena Bridge of Spirits, so here's how to solve it.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Fishing Shrine Puzzle Solution

The Fishing Shrine is one of the trickier puzzles in Kena Bridge of Spirits, so here's how to solve it.
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The Kena Bridge of Spirits Fishing Shrine puzzle is one of the more confusing ones in the game. It’s found in the southeastern portion of the Forgotten Forest, after Rusu tasks you with cleansing a series of shrines in the area. If you’re here, you’re wondering how to solve it. 

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The three other shrines can be easily cleansed of corruption, presenting simple combat encounters. But the Kena Fishing Shrine presents you with a bit of a puzzle. Here’s the solution.

How to Solve the Fishing Shrine Puzzle in Kena Bridge of Spirits

When you arrive at the Fishing Shrine, you will notice four different torches around the area: front right, front left, back right, and back left. If you don’t light these torches in a specific order two enemies will spawn, and you’ll have to try again after defeating them.

If you hit use pulse when standing in front of the shrine, you’ll see the four different sets of candles at the base of the shrine stone light up in a specific order. These candles correspond to the locations of the four different torches, so note the order.

An aerial shot of the Fishing Shrine puzzle solution in the Forgotten Forest.

If you need a bit of help, here’s the proper order to shoot the torches with your bow. The directions below assume you’re facing the shrine

  • Front right
  • Back left
  • Back right
  • Front left

After shooting all the torches in order, the shrine will be restored, and all the corruption surrounding it will vanish. Now you’re free to continue on to the next shrine or, if this is your last one, continue along on the main questline out of the Forgotten Forest.

Here are some other tips that you may find helpful on your journey: 

And that’s how you solve the Kena Bridge of Spirits Fishing Puzzle in the Forgotten Forest. Make sure to check back for even more Kena Bridge of Spirits guides, including the locations of all Rot.

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