Kena Bridge of Spirits: How to Fast Travel

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has a pretty typical fast travel system, but unfortunately, the game doesn't explain how to use it at all.

Kena Bridge of Spirits presents a gorgeous open world for you to explore, and a variety of collectibles to find. While it's not the biggest open world out there, you'll definitely want to fast travel in Kena so you won't have to waste time running back and forth. This is especially true if you plan on completing all of the side content. 

With that, let's go into how to fast travel in Kena.

How to Fast Travel in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Whenever you want to fast travel in Kena Bridge of Spirits, simply head to a warp point. As you can see in the image above warp points are a crystal-shaped slab of rock with a single flame at its base. As you walk up to the point you'll see a prompt pop up at the bottom of the screen that says press Triangle to warp.

Simply hit the button and you'll be taken to the map, where you can choose another warp point to travel to. Warp points are marked on the map by an icon that has a little triangle with a flame above it, and you're free to travel to any such point. Unfortunately, you have to return to a warp point whenever you want to fast travel, as there's no kind of quick return or anything. 

How to Unlock More Fast Travel Points

As you progress through Kena Bridge of Spirits you'll get the chance to unlock dozens of different warp points. All you need to do in order to activate one is simply walk up to it; the warp point will light up and you're good to use it as much as you want. 

Need more tips? Try these out: 

That's everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Kena Bridge of Spirits. Make sure to check back for more Kena guides, such as all rot locations


Published Oct. 5th 2021

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