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Lethal Company: What is Zumbo? Answered

The Lethal Company community keeps going on about Zumbo.

There’s a lot of talk about Zumbo. Whether you’re in a lobby and hear it over comms, see some chatter about it on a Discord server, or see threads about it on Reddit or elsewhere, it’s inescapable. Here’s what Zumbo is in Lethal Company.

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What Creature is Zumbo in Lethal Company?

It’s very possible you’ve heard random players screaming about Zumbo over comms or running into the ship, claiming they were being chased by it.

Zumbo’s becoming prevalent enough that small friend groups are tossing the name around now. If you’re a bit lost, don’t be. Zumbo doesn’t exist. There is no Zumbo in Lethal Company. It’s a name for a fake monster meant to troll players into thinking it exists.

Yes, I know! I’ve spoiled the fun for a few. It’s a meme within the Lethal Company community at the time of writing to pretend there’s a monster named Zumbo. On social media sites, it’s often accompanied by screenshots that are actually nothing notable. It’s just a fun little joke.

Will Zumbo Be in Lethal Company in the Future?

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Who knows! It’s very likely a mod creator will come up with a monster using the Zumbo name, considering just how big the joke has gotten. The Mimic, Rolling Giant, and Skinwalkers mods have all been great successes and function amazingly. Creating something goofy for the Zumbo meme is by no means beyond the Lethal Company modding community.

If we’ve gotten a mod to add cats to moons randomly, anything is possible. They are some really cute cats, so there could be some really terffiying Zumbo. It’s also possible developer Zeekerss will officially add a Zumbo creature or something referencing it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

For the time being, there is no Zumbo in Lethal Company. It lives on in only memes and dreams, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever. This surely won’t be the only fake monster name that floats through the community in the coming years. Check out some of our Lethal Company guides here on GameSkinny, such as Overtime Bonus explained and where to find all Sigurd Logs.

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