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Level Zero: Extraction PvP Guide — Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Stop dying and learn some useful tips so you can start winning some gunfights in Level Zero: Extraction.

Level Zero: Extraction is an exciting extraction shooter that offers players a gripping experience similar to horror games like Alien: Isolation. While playing Level Zero: Extraction, I noticed how dangerous and unforgiving the Alien can be, but nothing compared to how deceitful and ruthless enemy players are. Forming alliances will be rare, so prepare to learn how to survive in Level Zero: Extraction with this PvP guide.

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How to Excel at PvP in Level Zero: Extraction

Unlike other FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Battlefield, Level Zero: Extraction puts you in a harsh environment where carrying the wrong item or forgetting to equip a weapon can kill you. While facing enemy players and avoiding death at every corner, I learned a few tips to stay alive.

Always Carry a Nail Gun

Once you get a pistol or assault rifle, you’ll forget about carrying a nail gun in your inventory, but that’s a mistake that can get you killed if you’re not careful. The nail gun is a cheap and versatile weapon when you run out of ammo or don’t want to waste expensive rifle ammo on weak enemies or unarmed players.

player holding a nail gun in Level Zero: Extraction
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Unsuppressed weapons will attract enemies, something dangerous if you’re playing solo, as many players play in groups. Getting overwhelmed by an enemy team is an easy way to lose your weapons and precious gear, so don’t hesitate to pull out your nail gun and finish that annoying NPC or unarmed player.

Get a Starter Kit

Starter kits are free, and you can get them when you run out of weapons and gear. You can start a match with nothing but your flashlight, but you won’t last much without dying to basic enemies or rude players, so getting a starter kit every chance you get will be helpful.

Besides the nail gun, flashlight, and axe, the Starter Kit gives you some flares to defend yourself against the Alien. Facing the Alien without any flares or flashlights will end in you dying, so grab a starter kit if you run out of weapons.

Starter Kit in Level Zero: Extraction
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Always Take One More Item Than You Need

Ammo, flares, and healing syringes are necessary to stay alive in Level Zero: Extraction, so running out of them will be your demise on more than one occasion. While playing Level Zero: Extraction, I made the mistake of going on a cheap run without any healing items, and that run ended with me dying at the hands of a player because I didn’t have enough healing items to recover my health.

Player inventory in Level Zero: Extraction
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You can get flares, ammo, and healing syringes looting the map, but it’s always better to have them on you at the start of the match as sometimes players spawn close to you.

Don’t Trust Friendly Players

I lost count of how many times I’ve died at the hands of players yelling friendly while they drew their guns and started shooting at me. Dying to players claiming they’re friendly will become a common occurrence in your games. Stop trusting all players who seem friendly and always keep your gun up when you bump into them.

Player holding a nail gun in Level Zero: Extraction
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Turn Your Flashlight off When Possible

In a game where light sources are limited, having your flashlight on will make you a target, so turn your flashlight off every chance you can. Turning off your flashlight before looting a box or opening your map will save your life on more than one occasion. Keep that in mind next time you start looking at your map in the middle of a dark hallway or room.

Plan Your Extraction Route Before Looting

Planning an extraction route before you start looting an airdrop or crate will make you think about how to navigate through the map and what places to avoid. On more than one occasion, I lost all my gear because I didn’t plan my escape route and ended up dying to enemy players and NPCs.

Player watching the map in Level Zero: Extraction
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After deciding what items to get and where to go, you must locate extraction points close to your objective so you don’t panic after having the loot in your inventory.

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