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MW3 Zombies: Best Perk-a-Colas Ranked

Discover the best MWZ Perk-a-Colas here in our ranked list.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies pits you against hordes of the walking dead in Uzbekistan. You’ll need to survive increasingly challenging mobs of Zombies within one match, so you’ll want to come prepared with buffs. These are the best Perk-a-Colas in MWZ.

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Best MWZ Perk-a-Colas Ranked

MWZ has nine Perk-a-Colas for you to discover in Uzbekistan. You’ll need to find them and exfil with them to unlock the crafting recipe in your loadout permanently. Each perk will grant you a buff for the remainder of your match. However, knowing what perks stand out amongst the rest can be tricky. These are the ones that I personally think are the best and have been life savers in my numerous MWZ matches since launch.

PHD Flopper

PHD Flopper gives you an explosive effect when diving prone, and the explosion increases the higher you fall. You’ll have immunity from fall damage while diving, and from AoE damage you cause. It sounds fun, but it’s just not that practical when traversing Uzbekistan.

Tombstone Soda

Tombstone Soda is only practical if you’re new to the Zombies mode or eager for risk-taking in Uzbekistan. The perk creates a tombstone stash if you permanently die in the match, allowing you to retrieve your loadout the next time you jump into a Zombies match. It’s a useful failsafe, but that’s about it.

Death Perception

Time is always running out in Uzbekistan, and Death Perception can help you get things done more efficiently. The perk allows you to see enemies, chests, resources, and items through walls. It’s incredibly useful when clearing out Aether Nest cysts in particular.

Elemental Pop

Elemental Pop will spice up your gunfights. After consuming the perk, all bullets you fire from every gun will have a chance to apply a random Ammo Mod effect. Typically, Ammo Mods only affect one gun, so this is a great addition to your loadout.

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Since vehicles are hard to come by in Uzbekistan, you’ll spend most of your time running around. Stamin-Up increases your run and sprint speed, helping you cover more ground and escape from zombies.

Deadshot Daiquiri

Deadshot Daiquiri boosts your gunplay. You’ll have increased enemy critical damage while aiming down sights, giving you a leg up over Special and Elite opponents.

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Speed Cola

Speed Cola will greatly help you when you’re being overwhelmed by Zombies. The perk increases reload speed, and you’ll replate your armor faster. Healing and dealing damage is essential in Uzbekistan, so this is an essential perk.


Juggernog is a staple, especially for solo rounds. The perk increases your overall maximum health permanently for the match, which can really help you go the extra mile.

Quick Revive

Quick Revive is an incredible perk for increasing your and your team’s odds of survival. The perk reduces health regeneration delay time by 50% and reduces the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%. Nothing gets in the way of success quite like waiting for health regen, and this Perk-a-Cola solves that.

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Where to Find Perk-a-Colas in MWZ

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We’ve gone over the best Perk-a-Colas, but where do you find them? If you’re lucky, you’ll come across the buff’s corresponding Perk-a-Cola machine during a match and be able to purchase it for Essence. If you’re daring, you can head into the Tier 3 map zone and purchase all perks from a Der Wunderfuzz machine. Otherwise, you’ll have to hope for the perk to spawn as a Contract reward or in Aether chests.

That’s the best Perk-a-Colas ranked in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. We’ve got plenty more coverage of the game’s multiplayer, single-player, and undead mode. Here’s how to check MW3 server status or the best Zombies mode weapons. We’ve got even more at our guides hub here, such as MWZ quest walkthroughs and strategies.

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