New World: Rivercress Stem Farming Guide

Rivercress Stem is a valuable crafting material in New World, and this guide has everything you know to find lots of it.

Rivercress Stem is a valuable crafting material in New World, and this guide has everything you know to find lots of it.

Rivercress Stem can be gathered from glowing blue bulbs scattered across New World’s island of Aeternum, near rivers and waterfalls. Rivercress Stem isn’t just used for the Weakness of Ego quest you get from Adiana Theron in Everfall, it’s also an ingredient in many potion recipes. 

In this guide, you’ll learn where to find Rivercress and Rivercress Stem and some quick tips about the best ways to farm it.

Where to Find Rivercress Stem in New World

New World Rivercress Stem map.

Rivercress lives near rivers, though you’ll also find plenty of it near waterfalls as well. It’s most abundant in the Windsward and Everfall regions, as those contain the highest concentration of rivers and other bodies of water. Note you won’t find Rivercress in the northernmost, endgame areas.

Before you can even collect the stuff, however, you’ll need to level your Harvesting skill to 30 and have at least a Flint Sickle. Reaching 30 Harvesting is easy enough, just pick every Herb, Hemp, fruit, vegetable, and fungus you can find.

The best location to farm for Rivercress is alongside the river on the borders of Everfall/Windsward and Windsward/Monarch’s Bluffs. You’ll also find a good amount of Rivercress in the mountain river south of Windsward.

How to Farm Rivercress Stem

Your best bet for getting the most out of your farming is to follow one of two strategies.

  1. Travel to Everfall and go to the confluence of the three rivers to the south, then travel along the water all the way down into the mountains east of Cutlass Keys. This path has value because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to harvest other materials, cut down trees, skin animals, and the like.
  2. Spend some time looking along the river and find an area without many other players. It’s not the easiest task as Windsward and company are in the low-level, low-risk areas. If you do find an area of low population, you can make a circuit from one end of your farming area to the other. The one way trip should take you about five minutes to give the Rivercress a chance to respawn off-screen.

Additionally, you’ll want to increase your harvesting yield by any means available, and there are a few.

  • Proficiency potions increase your harvesting yield by up to 15%.
  • The Harvesting Yield skill, granted by crafting an item with the Orichalcum Botanists charm. You can find these charms in the various Supply chests across Aeternum at farms, dungeons, etc.
  • Having 150 Intelligence increases your harvesting yield by a flat 10%.
  • If your faction controls the territory where you’re farming, you’ll receive an additional 10% yield.
  • If your faction controls Windsward fort, you’ll see another 5% increase to yield.
  • The Settlement Quality of Life buff Farmer’s Harvest adds a full 20% harvesting yield increase.

Adding in Harvesting Speed and Luck buffs will optimize your farming further, but for our purposes, you want Yield first and foremost, as Rivercress only provides one or two Rivercress Stem per harvest.

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