Palia: How to Complete Mystery Cargo

You've got to do some looking around to finish the Mystery Cargo quest in Palia.

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Mystery Cargo is a found item quest in Palia. A locked box containing something of Zeki’s, it must hold expensive items or dark secrets for him to throw away the key. If you’re trying to figure out where to find the key, or have a key but no lock that fits, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to complete Mystery Cargo in Palia.

How to Complete Mystery Cargo in Palia

There are two ways to start the found item Mystery Cargo quest.

  • Find the locked box in Reth’s Storeroom
  • Obtain an unknown key

The way I started it was befriending Reth. Reaching Level 3 Friendship grants you the key to his Storeroom in the basement of the Ormuu’s Horn during his discovery quest. The box in question is on one of the tables off to the right side of the room and will have a shimmer around it. Asking Reth about it he states that Zeki threw the key “where no man can survive”.

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At first I thought the key may be hidden in the Underground, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, you need to fish it up in Kilima. It’s catchable with or without bait and at all locations in the valley, so you don’t have to worry about heading to a specific place to get it. It’s a random catch, though, so it can take a bit to obtain.

Some players may find that the get the Mystery Cargo quest by reeling in the Small Key item, even if they don’t have high enough friendship with Reth. In this case the quest objective is to find what the key opens. If this happens to you, you’ll need to boost that friend level to be able to open the box. Fulfilling Weekly Wants and finishing quests for him will get you the largest increases.

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Once you have access to Reth’s Storeroom and the key, you’ll find the box contains some letters that you can read. They detail Zeki’s relationship with his mother. Asking Zeki about them reveals that keeping in touch with your parents as a Grimalkin is taboo. If anyone found out they’d suspect that he wasn’t a self made man, which would ruin him. Promising to keep it a secret completes the quest and earns you 500 gold hush money.

That’s how to complete Mystery Cargo in Palia. For the full list of hidden and found item quests in game, where to find all fish, or how to get leather, check out our Palia guide vault.

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