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Palia: How to Get Blueberry Seeds

Blueberry seeds are hard to get in Palia.

Blueberries are one of the most lucrative crops to grow in Palia. It’s asked for as a fruit, as a jam, or as a pie by nearly every villager in Kilima Valley. Obtaining Blueberry Seeds, however, can be quite difficult. Here’s how to get Blueberry Seeds in Palia.

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How to Get Blueberry Seeds in Palia

There are three ways to get Blueberry Bush Seeds.

  • From Badruu when completing Music to My Ears.
  • From the Gardening Guild Store.
  • Make your own seeds.

Complete Music to My Ears

The main way to get Blueberry Seeds is by completing Badruu’s Level 3 Friendship quest, Music to My Ears. He asks for your help in writing a song, but he lacks the confidence to perform it. Auni overhears this and reaches out for your assistance in making his dad a charm.

To make the charm you need:

Thankfully, getting the Silk Thread should naturally happen when catching the Firebreathing Dragonfly. They can be found at night around the Family Farm and Mirror Pond Ruins areas of Kilima Valley. For the wood, you’ll have to pair up with someone or wait until a flow tree is shouted out in chat.

Once you have all the components, return to Auni who will make the charm. After it’s made it’s up to you to deliver it to Badruu. You can typically find him on the Family Farm or at the Ormuu’s Horn. He also hangs out in the barn at night.

The quest completes as soon as you hand over the charm and have a conversation with the budding bard. As a reward you get:

  • Blueberry Bush Seed x5
  • Raspberry Beetle x1
  • Renown +25
  • Increased Friendship with Badruu
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Gardening Guild Store

Buying Blueberry Bush Seeds isn’t as easy as buying Carrot Seeds from Zeki. They can only be bought with Skill Coins, which you start earning when you hit Level 10 of a skill. If you’ve gotten that far without growing Blueberries, I applaud your determination. The seeds cost 45 Skill Coins, so you’ll need to complete some Weekly Challenges to afford them.

Make Your Own Seeds

Like many other games that include gardening, you can make seeds from the crops you grow. Whether you received blueberries as a reward or grew them yourself, you can plop them into the Seed Collector. Four Blueberries are needed to create two Blueberry Bush Seeds. It takes an hour and 21 minutes to complete the process. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Blueberries so you’ll need to be given them if you aren’t already growing them.

And that’s how to get Blueberry Seeds in Palia. It’s worth the time investment to become friends with Badruu just for these seeds, as Blueberries are a money maker. Whether you’re looking to just grow all crop varieties, or need a bunch of jam for Celebration Cake, you’ll want to have plenty of bushes growing. For more Palia walkthroughs, such as quest help, item locations, or where to find certain fish, take a gander at our growing guide vault.

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