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Payday 3: How to Open the Vault in Gold & Sharke

We've got you covered with how to quietly open the Gold & Sharke vault in Payday 3.

Payday 3 has two bank heists as a part of its launch content, with the latter being an extravagant location to rob. That level of opulence comes with a more tedious process of securing the server and optional loot. Making it even more challenging is while the loud approach is straightforward, robbing them quietly can be difficult. Here’s how to open the vault in Gold & Sharke in Payday 3.

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How to Open the Gold & Sharke Vault in Payday 3

How to Access the Vault Lobby

Before you can properly get into the vault itself, you need to get into the vault lobby. This is accomplished by inputting the correct vault code into the entrance. You’ll first need to head into the Server Room and hack the computer there. Some employees might wander inside, so be prepared to get them on the ground immediately.

Midway through the hack comes a moment when you need to verify access. You’ll have to take a small detour to one of the IT offices to accept it before continuing the hack. Once it’s done, four codes will display on the screen. Head back to the vault and examine the keypad to bring out a flashlight. Match the correct code to the fingerprints to be allowed entry through the door.

Inside the vault lobby are some patrolling guards and a vault guarded by a big door and some lasers. Deal with a guard or two if you want to make things a bit easier on your end. We’ll be taking care of the lasers first, and that will require a lot of switch flipping.

How to Flip the Right Switches

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Hack the cable controller console just to the right of the vault to reveal which switch needs to be flipped. If you’ve played No Rest For the Wicked and attempted to open the vault quietly, you’ll recognize this objective. What’s different this time around is that there are four switches you need to interact with.

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The good news is that directly behind you will be a panel with switches. Open it and flip the matching one. A voice line from Shade will play that states something is different. Look back at the cable controller console and notice that the color and shape have changed.

The gimmick with this objective in this particular heist is that the switch you need to flip changes each time. Always verify what’s displayed on the console to know what you need to interact with.

As if that wasn’t the only RNG aspect to deal with, the location of the panels can change, as well. The most convenient location will be within the vault lobby itself. You can find them on the upper level on the pillars or walls. If they’re not there, that means they’re outside and somewhere on the second floor of the bank.

The lasers will deactivate once you’ve flipped four switches. You’ll then be able to approach the door and come across a final set of obstacles centered around a keycard.

Finding the Blue Keycard

This last item can be found on the bank manager or within one of the offices on the second floor. It’s not hard to find and actually easy to take as long as you don’t do it when anyone’s watching. Once you have the Gold & Sharke blue keycard, use it to open the manager’s office. Hack into their computer to send a remote activation signal.

This signal doesn’t last forever, though. Make haste back to the vault lobby and activate the card reader on the left side of the big door. Now you just need to swing the big wheel to open the door and have full access to the vault.

You’re all set with how to open the Gold & Sharke vault in Payday 3. If you want to transport the vault’s content more easily, check out our Gold & Sharke Elevator guide. Any other heisting tips and tricks are available at our PD3 guides hub.

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