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Rarest and Most Expensive Bananas in Banana Clicker Game on Steam

This whole market is bananas!

The latest “hype” on Steam is a game with a simple name: Banana. The game consists of occasional clicking and collecting virtual bananas that you can sell or trade on Steam. What are the rarest and priciest bananas at the moment on Steam Market? Let’s find out.

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Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Bananas on Steam Market

Given that free and unregulated markets like Steam Community Markets have their fair share of fluctuation based on the all-known “Supply and Demand” rule, you will certainly see some changes from time to time as more players pour into the game. Basically, anyone can list anything on Steam Market for any price. That does not mean that the item is actually worth that much. Perhaps someone is trying to cash in on being the only owner of a rare item, or in the opposite case, doesn’t know how much his stuff is really worth.

As the developers of this game stated: “This is a collecting game, the items are tradeable and marketable and are fully in community control. We do not endorse you looking at this as a stock market, that is just stupid. Don’t blame us for any money lost trying to use this as a get-rich scheme, there are other places for people like that. and it’s NOT here.”

Of course, certain community members are skeptical about this entire thing, and we’ll see where the road leads. Below, I’ll show you the top 10 of the most expensive Bananas you can collect at this moment:

  1. Special Golden Banana – $986.97
  2. Crypticnana – $788.67
  3. Diamond Banana – $110.80
  4. Cybernana – $91.02
  5. Picklenana – $66.35
  6. Sad Hamster Banana – $61.01
  7. Shiny Banana – $60.32
  8. Galaxynana – $58.46
  9. test – $33.58
  10. Starynana – $33.21

Yes, this list is a snapshot of June 12th, 2024, and you may expect it to change frequently. If you are playing Banana on Steam, you will see a new banana in your inventory every once in a while (it’s stated that they drop if you click at least once in the drop periods, which are 3 hours and 18 hours). Truth be told, it’s been 4 hours since I installed this thing, and I already have three bananas for some reason.

All in all, I believe that there’s a layer of parody in this game that takes a jab at Counter-Strike 2 and how many players are there just to make a profit off of skins and use CS2 just to inspect how their skin looks, and if there are any interesting and unique patterns that would raise their value.

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