Remnant 2: How to Get the Old Metal Tool

The Old Metal Tool is a valuable item in Remnant 2, and pretty easy to get your hands on as well. Here's how.

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The Old Metal Tool is one of many mysterious items in Remnant 2, but getting and using it is as simple as it is expensive (depending on where you are in the game). The reward can be well worth the price and time you spend earning the necessary Scrap. Luckily, you’ll also net experience for your Archetypes, progress on your campaign or Adventure, and farm upgrade materials or bosses. In any event, here’s how to get the Old Metal Tool in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Old Metal Tool in Remnant 2

You get the Old Metal Tool by buying it from Reggie in Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap. You’ll find him near one of the entrances to the docks and across from Cass, the girl from the tutorial. He’ll have a brief story to tell you at first, but speak to him enough, and he’ll eventually open up his shop to buy consumables and the item in question. He also sells a number of consumables and rings that can be useful in the early game.

How to Use the Old Metal Tool in Remnant 2

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You use the Old Metal Tool in Remnant 2 by giving it to Wallace to get the Steel Enswell and unlock the Challenger Archetype.

  • Once you have the item, go to Wallace in his hut at the old docks, and you can trade the item to him, along with 5 Lumenite Crystal for the Steel Enswell.
  • This item is an Engram or Archetype item. To equip it, go into your Archetype Screen, click on the item at the top of either side of the menu, and use it as your second Archetype (or your main one, if you’d like).

Why You Should Unlock the Challenger Archetype Class

The Steel Enswell is the Engram of the Challenger Archetype, which is an absolute monster in close range, has an auto-revive skill from the start, and gains more damage the closer you are to enemies, among many other benefits. Challenger is a fantastic second Archetype to run if you’re playing a squishier class (like Gunslinger) or want to up your class’s damage output (see Medic).

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From a moment-to-moment gameplay standpoint, one of Challenger’s greatest benefits is how much it reduces your equipment load, allowing you to equip heavier armor and still be able to roll around your enemy’s attacks. One of the tougher parts of Remnant 2 is finding good fashion that doesn’t immediately put me into heavy roll, and I refuse to heavy roll in any Souls-like, ever. Nothing can convince me otherwise. I should probably consider adding Challenger to my game plan.

Anyway, that’s how to get the Old Metal Tool in Remnant 2. It’s simple, easy, and once you level it up, it’s an absolute tank with somehow high-tier damage potential. For more on the sequel to From the Ashes, check out our guides on the best solo classes to use, as well as how to beat the Red Prince, plus much more in our R2 guides hub.

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