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Remnant 2 Best Solo Classes Tier List

Here are the best classes for solo play in Remnant 2, including tips on how to unlock them all.

There are 10 Archetype classes in Remnant 2, including primary and secondary ones, if you don’t count the still-hidden Archon discovered by data miners. On top of that, you can combine two classes with multiclassing, which opens up many powerful possibilities. While dealing with bosses and mobs can certainly be easier in multiplayer co-op, you may be wondering about single-player options, and our best Remnant 2 solo classes tier list is here to help.

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Remnant 2 Best Solo Classes Tier List

A couple of the best solo Achetype classes in Remnant 2 are so good that they can handle the entire single-player mode on their own, while others, such as the ones listed in our B-tier, simply must be combined with other classes through multiclassing. Here’s a quick glance at our tier list ranking, with more in-depth analysis below.

S-Tier Solo Classes

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Medic may seem like an odd choice for solo play, but it takes the top spot on our best solo Archetype tier list because it’s the perfect Archetype for taking on The Root alone. The Invigorated perk grants a 25% boost to all your damage — not just skill-based damage, as is the case with most other Archetypes. Second, the Benevolence perk allows you to increase Relic efficacy by 15%, and that doesn’t mention the Wellspring and Healing Shield skills that are life-savers against regular mobs and bosses. Medic is, in our opinion, one of the best starting classes in the game.

Lastly, the XMG57 Bonesaw and Service Pistol are some of the most balanced and effective weapon combos in the game. The Bonesaw even made my Remnant 2 best weapons tier list because of how effective it is into the end-game.

  • How to unlock Medic if not chosen as your starting class:
    1. Purchase Medic Pin from Dr. Norah at Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap.
    2. Craft the Caduceus Idol at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Medic Pin
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


The Alchemist is the only other of the best solo classes in Remnant 2. It has the same 25% boost to all damage with its Liquid Courage perk. This is a real game changer that many players may not be aware of, especially with the combo of the Wrangler 1860 rifle and double-barrel handgun.

On top of that, you get extra ammo when finding Scrap due to the Gold to Lead perk, and every time you use a Relic, you get a random buff. The Alchemist’s best skill is Vial: Frenzy Dust, which increases your rate of fire, reload, and melee speed by 20% and your speed of movement by 15%.

  • How to unlock Alchemist:
    1. Start the “Manticora From the Drain” event in Losomn.
    2. Defeat the Manticora boss who drops the Philosopher’s Stone material.
    3. Craft the Philosopher’s Stone engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Philosopher’s Stone (material)
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap

A-Tier Solo Classes

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Handler is a favorite of many Remnant 2 players for single-player due to the Bonded perk, which allows you to have a dog companion on the field that can revive you when needed. But while it sounds like a match made in heaven, this mechanic isn’t perfect, and often, your dog takes its sweet time before bringing you — or your companions — back to life. For heals, the Medic is much more effective, allowing you to do so much faster.

Also, Handler’s Pack Hunter perk only boosts your ranged damage by 30%, whereas Medic gets a damage increase for all types of damage. Still, with all that said, Handler is a very competent Archetype for solo play, so be sure to check it out.

  • How to unlock Handler if not chosen as your starting class:
    1. Purchase Old Whistle from Mudtooth in Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap.
    2. Craft the Silent Whistle engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Old Whistle
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


The Summoner Archetype is very similar to Handler, as it also has companions in the form of summoned minions that help you on your way. You’ll be needing some extra support from the Soul Guard and Soul Link rings, which will boost the survivability of this class alongside the Incite perk. I also recommend equipping Burden of the Divine, which boosts the survivability of your minions by 50%. Unfortunately, the minions often behave in an unfocused way, and you may lose them just by the sheer power of RNG. On the flip side, they do pull aggro well, distracting both adds and bosses, so this one is certainly worth a look.

  • How to unlock Summoner:
    1. Defeat some Root Wisps in The Far Woods for 15 Blood Moon Essence.
    2. Craft the Faded Grimoire at the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha using this recipe:
      • 15 Blood Moon Essence
      • 5 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,500 Scrap
    3. Craft the Tome of the Bringer engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Faded Grimoire
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


Survivability is very important in Remnant 2, but what solo players should also never forget about is sustainability, which means having as much ammo as possible. If you constantly find yourself out of ammo with any other class, then choose Gunslinger, who will always find a way to get those bullets using the Sleight of Hand perk. Also, you can easily improve your critical hit chance by 10% with the help of the Tightly Wound Coil ring and your overall damage by 15% with the Energy Diverter amulet.

  • How to unlock Gunslinger if not chosen as your starting class:
    1. Once you complete the Second World, talk to Mudtooth at Ward 13.
    2. Keep asking him about his stories until he gives you the Worn Cylinder.
    3. Craft the Iron Cylinder engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Worn Cylinder
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


Invader is a very skillful class that requires experience, so I wouldn’t recommend this Archetype to beginner players, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t earn an A-Rank on our best solo classes tier list. Invader’s main priority is evasion, which also boosts your ranged and melee damage due to the S.H.A.R.K. perk. It also has the Worm Hole skill, which can teleport you, and if you manage to deal damage in the next 5 seconds after being transported, your weapon deals 300% damage. This means that you can deal 10,000 points of damage with the Sagittarius bow, which is outright bonkers.

  • How to unlock Invader:
    1. Make a journey to Root Earth.
    2. Pick up the Escalation Protocol amulet at the checkpoint in Corrupted Harbor.
    3. Once you get the amulet, wait for the blue light to appear.
    4. Hit the light with the Dreamcatcher weapon, which drops a Walker’s Dream item.
    5. Deafeat the Bane boss, who drops the Wooden Shiv.
    6. Craft the Serrated Root Blade at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Wooden Shiv
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap

B-Tier Solo Archetype Classes

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The Challenger class is extremely durable and hard to kill with its Die Hard perk, but it’s only truly effective at close-range combat, which limits your capabilities unless multiclassing. I’ve dealt with flying enemies — especially those in Yaesha and N’Erud — and they’re incredibly difficult to deal with using this Archetype. That’s why I recommend Challenger as a secondary class for either a Medic or a Hunter, not a single-player option.

  • How to unlock Challenger if not chosen as your starting class:
    1. Purchase the Old Metal Tool from Reggie at Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap.
    2. Craft the Steel Enswell engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Old Metal Tool
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


Just like Challenger, the Engineer is not very good on its own, as it’s merely a solid tank with not much else to offer. However, you could make it work as a secondary class for the Summoner or the Medic. One of its perks is the ability to summon a Vulcan turret weapon that can devastate enemies and draw aggro, giving you time to reposition. You can also carry the turret and fire or use the Engineer’s High Tech perk to overclock the turret when placed. As a result, since the weapon counts as a summon, it’ll return a massive amount of HP back to your character, which is a very effective way of self-healing.

  • How to unlock Engineer:
    1. Find and pick up an Alien Device at the edge of Titan’s Reach checkpoint.
    2. Craft the Drzyr Caliper engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Alien Device
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


The Hunter Archetype is all about sniping enemies at long range, which suggests a high expert-level ceiling. Believe me: this class is hard to master and even harder to play solo. You’ll need to constantly focus on enemy weak spots and miss as little as possible. The Hunter’s Mark skill will help a lot to achieve this, but it’s still better to make it your secondary class with the Gunslinger.

  • How to unlock Hunter:
    1. Purchase the Rusty Medal from Brabus at Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap.
    2. Craft the Sniper War Medal engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Rusty Medal
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap


Explorer comes at the bottom of our tier list because, well, it’s by far the worst class for single-player in Remnant 2. It has no offensive skills of its own, which makes it extremely vulnerable, so it absolutely must have a solid DPS secondary class. Then, it can focus on getting rare loot, which is its main proficiency.

  • How to unlock Explorer:
    1. Defeat Annihilation boss at the Root Earth, who drops the Broken Compass.
    2. Craft the Golden Compass engram at Wallace in Ward 13:
      • 1 Broken Compass
      • 10 Lumenite Crystal
      • 1,000 Scrap

That’s our Remnant 2 best solo classes tier list. There’s plenty more to learn about Gunfire Games’ sequel to From the Ashes, and we’ve got plenty over in our R2 guides hub.

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