One of the most interesting changes to the Resident Evil 4 remake is the option to store your weapons. Here's what you need to know.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Store Weapons

One of the most interesting changes to the Resident Evil 4 remake is the option to store your weapons. Here's what you need to know.

The Resident Evil 4 remake has modernized some popular elements from the original game and one of the best examples of this is your storage options. Although the Attache Case remains and requires you to be smart with what you carry, a notable addition is a choice to store weapons. So how do you do that?

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Storage is handled a bit differently in RE4 remake. There are certain limitations on what can be stored and what needs to be carried, likely not to make the Attache Case a trivial matter. This guide will make sense of it all and show how to store weapons in Resident Evil 4.

What Can Be Sent to Storage in the Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Unlike item boxes or similar storage options from past games in the series, it’s not possible to move everything you have into storage. This is what can be sent to storage:

  • Weapons (Guns and Primary Knives)
  • Weapon Parts
  • First Aid Sprays

Any ammo, as well as other healing items, must be carried with you in the Attache Case. Alternatively, they can be sold, discarded, or prematurely used if you need to make room. Though some things should be kept around, such as the Golden Egg used to beat Salazar

How to Store Weapons in RE4 Remake

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If you want to collect all the weapons or simply don’t want to sell them, there are a few options for storing them. You’ll essentially be able to store weapons whenever you’re viewing the Attache Case.

The first and most common time for storing items will during regular gameplay. Simply select the weapon you want to store and then choose the “Send to Storage” option.

If the Bolt Thrower isn’t quite helping you at the moment, or you would rather send something else to storage to make room for the Red9 Handgun, this is the easiest and most accessible method to store weapons.

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It’s not possible to remove weapons whenever you want, but you’ll be able to freely transfer with two other methods.

  • Whenever you visit a Typewriter to save, there will be an option to enter the storage screen. From there, you can easily store weapons or add them to your Attache Case.
  • These same options will be presented to you when you reach the end of a chapter, as well.

That covers how to store weapons in Resident Evil 4. If you only want to carry the best, feel free to check out our best weapons tier list. For all other tips and tricks, visit our Resident Evil 4 guides hub.

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