Reverse 1999: Best Team Lineups and How to Use Them

Wondering what the best lineup is in Reverse 1999? We've got you covered!

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Preparation makes all the difference in tough battles. If you’re having difficulty figuring out what characters to use, we’ve got you covered with the best team lineups Reverse 1999 and how to use them

The Best Team Lineups in Reverse 1999 

In Reverse 1999, you’re able to create teams of up to four characters. During battle, only three characters will be active in your team lineup, and the fourth is a backup in case one of them dies. Depending on the battle, you’ll want characters of different types and classes. However, there’s a basic formula that I’ve found to help build a powerful team lineup. 

Your basic team lineup should look something like this:

Slot One 

Damage Dealer: Your damage dealer is the head of your team. Of course, they’ll be dealing the most damage during the battle while the other members of your crew support them. 

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Here are some of the best Damage Dealers to add to your team:

  • Centurion
  • Eternity
  • Charlie
  • A Knight
  • Lilya

Slot 2 

Support: Support characters should be chosen based on how they can aid your damage dealer. They often have good moves for buffs and debuffs. Additionally, they’ll help you gain more moxie for Ultimate Attacks.

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Here are some of the best Supporters to add to your team:

  • An-an Lee
  • Voyager
  • Baby Blue
  • Sonetto
  • X

Slot 3 

Healer or Damage Dealer: Slot 3 can vary depending on how difficult the battle is. If it’s an easier battle, you can opt for a second damage dealer to get rid of the enemies faster. However, I like to stay on the safer side and add a healer instead. Although they don’t do much damage, they’ll be crucial when you come across stronger enemies. 

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Here are some of the best Healers to add to your team:

  • Medicine Pocket
  • Balloon Party
  • Dikke
  • Tennant
  • Sotheby

Slot 4 

Any Class: Since this last slot really only matters if one of your characters dies, I usually put whatever class I didn’t choose for slot 3. For instance, since I usually have a healer in the third slot, I assign a second damage dealer as my backup. 

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How to Use Team Lineups 

Now that your team is all set, you’ll want to know how to use them. Thankfully, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Your damage dealer will handle most of the attacking. Your supporter focuses on applying buffs or debuffs to increase damage or defense. And your healer will heal any damage that your team took. You’ll want to follow this strategy most of the time. 

That’s the best team lineups and how to use them in Reverse 1999. For more tips and guides, follow our dedicated guides hub.

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