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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get Scavenger Hunt Gold Rank

I went through a lot of trial and error but I can finally show you how to get Scavenger Hunt gold rank.

The Scavenger Hunt is one of those Trials that requires the right mindset and decisions at the beginning in addition to practice. Here’s how to get Scavenger Hunt gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How to Get Scavenger Hunt Gold Rank in RoRR

Getting gold rank on the Scavenger Hunt Providence Trial is all about a strong start, maneuvering, and knowing which enemies to prioritize. The Enforcer has limited mobility and even with his shield block, you can easily get overwhelmed if not careful. While practice makes perfect, there are some pointers that’ll help with scoring gold rank faster.

To start, once you spawn in the Trial you’ll have a free keycard. The biggest tip I can give you here is to immediately rush to the left and climb while ignoring enemies and picking up a $20 chest. Aim for that left keycard door for the Arms Race item. Not only will this item upgrade your future drones but it’ll also give you a free one. Infusions on the right aren’t that impactful since you’ll be kiting and blocking attacks most of the time. They’ll randomly drop anyway.

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From here, I’d recommend focusing on eliminating the sentinel Temple Guard robots that shoot at you from range. Always keep your shield block facing them and even ignore the Elder Lemurians with keycards in favor of defeating Temple Guards. They’ll earn you $20, more for red ones, which helps build your drone army with low-tier chests.

Speaking of which, alternate between moving left and right and picking up the most efficient chests, which are the $90 ones. Avoid the idle drones on the ground unless they’re healing ones since you’ll have plenty of damage drones from chests that are cheaper. As soon as you score $200, head for the gold chest in the top left and right.

While maneuvering around, be sure to slay at least one Elder Lemurian for the keycard you’ll need to descend. Once you’ve gathered a golden drone with a few healing ones and DPS ones, head for the Scavenger.

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Defeating the Scavenger in Scavenger Hunt

By this point, you may have also picked up the right-side door Infusions and extra time. Don’t feel like you need to use up all your time before the Scavenger, since we’re chasing that Gold Rank. All you’ll need is a few medium drones and a golden one, you don’t have to farm too many of them. It’s quality over quantity here.

Once you’re ready, I recommend dropping left for The Back-up item used to heal drones. You won’t need the self-heal since our strategy is to simply block or kite the Scavenger letting our drones do the work while occasionally attacking if you get a safe chance. Our healing drones will do ten times the sustain that the Strange Fruit ever could. 

Still, tanking him for the whole fight with shield block isn’t optimal since he’ll take down all your drones and you don’t have enough DPS by yourself to defeat him. That’s why mixing in tanking and kiting is the best way to approach the fight. Don’t worry if you get hit with a few red-homing projectiles, your healing drones will get you back in the fight.

Play the challenge a few times with this strategy and you’ll reach gold rank in a few runs. Thank you for reading our guide on how to get Scavenger Hunt gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns. Check out our guides hub for the game for more useful articles like how to unlock all characters or beating Providence and the Cremator.

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