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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Turn on Rapid Fire

If you feel like RoRR is going to give you early onset arthritis, turn on rapid fire.

The differences between the first and second Risk of Rain games are many and pervasive. Risk of Rain Returns requires you to mash the primary skill button to attack at your max attack speed. I’ll go over how to turn on rapid fire in RoRR so you can spare your fingers some pain.

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How to Turn on Rapid Fire in Risk of Rain Returns

What Is Rapid Fire in RoRR?

There are many skills in the game that you’re able to pop off in rapid succession, but your primary skill (your basic attack) on any character is the most obvious. Normally, when your attack speed increases, you’ll need to button mash to get your character to attack at the rate it’s actually capable of. Holding an input has a very clear cap on how quickly the game will register that input, making the original Risk of Rain require a great deal of button mashing.

There are a ton of new settings in Risk of Rain Returns that modern players should find helpful, one of which is rapid fire. Gone are the days of limited registered inputs when holding a button or key — with rapid fire, you can hold an input to have your character attack in true quick succession.

How to Toggle Rapid Fire

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If this all sounds good (which it does), you only need to head into your settings to turn on the ability to rapid-fire. You can also turn this on mid-run if you’re curious to test it out.

  • Head into the Settings menu, and then switch over to Controls.
  • Open the Accessibility Options menu.
  • Toggle on Rapid Fire.

This setting is more than worth turning on for any RoRR player. I turned it on as soon as I saw it was possible. The game is hardcore enough on Monsoon as it is, and I pushed through hundreds of hours using manual button mashing. The rapid-fire setting is a true blessing to those of us not trying to suffer from early-onset arthritis.

That’s it for how to turn on rapid fire in Risk of Rain Returns and what it is. What is it? Something you should turn on, of course. Check out our other RoRR guides here on GameSkinny.

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